Croydon Citizen Livetweet: The Incinerator Decision

By - Tuesday 23rd April, 2013

A profound planning decision that will affect Croydon people for 20 years is about to be taken in Sutton. Join the Citizen to follow the action

At 8pm tomorrow, the Sutton Planning Committee will meet at Sutton Civic Centre to approve or block the plan to build an incinerator at Beddington.

Groups opposed to it say that the pollution it will produce will have serious negative consequences for residents of Croydon. As a result, a protest is scheduled to take place. Those who defend it say it’s a much safer, better solution than the alternatives.

Not convinced how important this is yet? At 1pm tomorrow on the Citizen, Brendan Walsh will explain why he thinks you should attend the meeting and make your feelings clear.

Whatever the outcome, this will be a big day for Croydon. We are pleased to announce that, for all who those can’t attend, we will be livetweeting the event. Follow our coverage on Twitter or right here on the Citizen itself from 7pm tomorrow:

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