Croydon Citizen Livetweet: The Second Incinerator Decision

By - Monday 13th May, 2013

Sutton Council’s decision over building an incinerator at Beddington Lane was deferred on 24 April. Now, sooner than expected, the Planning Committee is sitting again to make its deferred decision. The Citizen will bring you the result as it happens

Incinerator Protest 24 April

A protest outside the Sutton Civic Centre on 24 April, the date of the deferral of the decision regarding the incinerator

At 8pm on Wednesday, the Sutton Planning Committee will reconvene at Sutton Civic Centre to approve or block an incinerator at Beddington Lane. The controversy stems from fears of environmental damage and health problems associated with incinerators – and with Beddington bordering the north of Croydon, most of the emissions from the incinerator (and the lorries used to operate it) would affect Croydonians.

The shock deferral a few weeks ago came after a weight of public opinion was expressed in the meeting. Contributions included local Green Shasha Khan’s damning indictment of the pro-incinerator Sutton Lib Dems – ‘if you were in opposition, you would be sat here now with us.’

Labour councillor for Broad Green, Stuart Collins, gave an impassioned plea to the councillors and asked them to think carefully about whether they would trust the figures presented by Viridor (the company seeking to build the incinerator) or the wealth of independent scientific research available. The head of the Sutton Conservative group, Graham Whitham, said his party would vote freely on the matter and observed that the public had ‘not been well-served’ by politicians of any stripe. Both Conservatives on the committee went on to vote against the incinerator.

Unlike their Sutton counterparts, the Conservatives in Croydon support the Sutton-based incinerator. Croydon Labour are against it, while in Sutton itself Labour take the same position. The Sutton Liberal Democrats, who currently control the council, support the incinerator. But the chair, John Leach, Liberal Democrat councillor for Beddington declined to use his casting vote.

But the party political picture is only part of the story. Community groups, charities and local businesses all had a say at the last meeting, and this Wednesday the same is expected – the protesters will be back, too.

With no obvious outcome in sight, it promises to be a fiery evening.

Tom Black will be livetweeting the event once again. Follow our coverage on Twitter or right here on the Citizen itself from 7pm on Wednesday:

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  • stanislaw prokop

    Sutton councilors have been used as puppets.

    The plans for this incinerator were laid years ago. Then the
    chairman of LWARB (London Waste and
    Recycling Board) was Boris and the Environment Minister was Malcolm Wicks. Extensive financial reviews were done by Ernst & Young for Boris, and their report recommended many more local incinerators ( however disguised).

    The Environment Agency and the then HPA (Health Protection Agency)
    have been used to rubber stamp the decisions. They have used out of date, seriously flawed research and broken promises to do new research. In the meantime world famous London based air pollution research ( from King’s College and Bart’s) and the new 2013 WHO report have shown cast-iron evidence of harms, at all ages. It is convenient for government agencies to ignore these serious developments, which are neither well known to the public, nor the local press!!

    People hoping for help from government or Boris are simply
    wasting their time!