Merry Christmas from the Citizen!

By - Tuesday 24th December, 2013

2013 is almost at an end, and with it, our first full-year of operation

Photo by Peter Trimming.
Used under Creative Commons license.

2013 has been a big one: we published almost 400 articles, expanded our team to more than 70 contributors (and welcomed both Tom Lickley & Rajdeep Sandhu to the editorial team), launched new series like the Public Gallery, launched an entirely new sports section, significantly redesigned our site – twice – and, biggest of all, launched our first ever-print edition: the January 2014 issue of the Croydon Citizen news magazine. All of which was only possible because of you: our kind supporters, loyal readers, and generous contributors.

To pick a few great articles individually is effectively impossible (although today’s “Festive Gallery” special makes a brilliant, whimsical, must-read attempt at summing up the year with some of them!). But in this year we: brought all three of Croydon’s MPs together to condemn racism, hosted a fierce and tightly contested “for and against” style debate of the hottest political issue of the year, and nurtured the town’s most in-depth discussion of what Croydon’s so-called gentrification (or lack thereof) means for the future. These are just a slice of what we published this year.

What lies ahead? I’m sure that 2014 will be even bigger year for the Citizen than 2013 – in every way. But, as always, we’d rather surprise you with what we have planned next – it would just spoil it to tell you now…

It’s goodbye, for now.

For many of our readers, Christmas is a time for a well-earned rest; the same goes for us. After another excellent year at the Citizen, we’ll be putting our feet up for a week or so. Normal service will resume on January 2nd.

Can’t wait? Satisfy your fix by picking up your copy of the Croydon Citizen news magazine today. It’s available from the following venues now and throughout next month: Matthews Yard, Croydon Visitor Centre, The Green Dragon, The Spreadeagle, Yeha Noha, Upper Norwood Library, Art Rebellion, Lives Not Knives Unit, and Camden Coffee House to name but a few…

See you in 2014!

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  • Anne Giles

    And a Merry Christmas to you all!