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By - Monday 24th December, 2012

Wrapping up 2012, the editorial team review the Citizen so far

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The weather might be more rain than snow, but Christmas time is upon us once again. We at the Citizen would like to wish all our readers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. To round off 2012, the editorial team would like to present some of our favourite content so far.

The London Road Project, organised and written by the superb Kake, has become one of the most popular series on the site. Her articles take readers on a building-by-building tour of the road, with detailed histories and analysis of each address, be it a pub, station or pawn shop. Their riveting presentation of the places we pass every day has brought the ordinary to life. When the Evening Standard published a misguided and overly negative attack on Croydon based on the off-hand remarks of a local businessman, James Naylor asked whether middle class flight really was all it was cracked up to be, and introduced Croydonians everywhere to the sociological term ‘Bluewater Man’. Rob Mayo, our ‘gonzo journalist’ and foreign correspondent (from Watford) provided a brilliant series of reviews of the Cherry Orchard Arts Festival, one of the most exciting showcased in Croydon this year. The historian Sean Creighton joined us in December and provided a fascinating rundown of the life of Croydon’s most famous composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and the events set up to commemorate him this year. Finally, Liz Sheppard-Jones’ moving picture of last winter, Snowman in the Cronx, got us all in a festive mood while also putting more than a few tears in our eyes. Liz joined us shortly after launch and has quickly become one of our most read contributors. We look forward to seeing exciting new material from her and all of our fantastic contributors, present and future, in the coming year.

Thank you very much for being a reader of the Citizen in 2012; the year we took our first tentative steps and presented our vision for the future of media in Croydon. Whether you were keeping up with the Croydon North By-Election, getting the latest videos and information from Croydon: Tech City or learning how to see Croydon as a series of zones, it is was you, the Citizens, that made all of this possible. With your continued support we will be reaching higher and further in 2013. This project has only just begun.

We’re going to take a break over Christmas, so check back on New Year’s Day for our first article of 2013. In the mean time, all of us on the editorial team wish you once again a very merry Christmas.

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