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By - Thursday 1st May, 2014

In this issue, the Citizen looks at the 2014 Croydon floods, the economy of #Croydon #TechCity and the David Lean Cinema

Happily and not too surprisingly, this month’s cover image did not come to pass, but there’s no denying that flooding was a big issue for Croydonians. Homes were evacuated, transport connections were cut off and a spontaneous lake appeared in Purley, complete with its own personality and Twitter account. The worst of it is very much behind most of us now, but can we expect more? There have always been floods, but climate change threatens to make this a more common occurrence. In this edition we explore the flooding’s impact, its future potential and the resilience of our community to tackle it. Meanwhile, Southern’s service from Croydon has been the opposite of flooded – very leaky indeed. But is a recent deterioration in service just these weather conditions or is there something more to it? See the detailed analysis and Southern’s response.

But this is just the start: in this edition, Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell gets pressed on his career, Twitter and the turbulent soap opera of Croydon politics, a special edition of the Public Gallery takes a very wry look at what Boris Johnson could teach local politicians like him and pays its respects to Tony Benn. We hear more about what #Croydon #TechCity is doing for the local economy, Crystal Palace FC’s education connections and the untold true story of the resurrection of the David Lean Cinema and the people that brought it back to life. Download now.

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