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By - Monday 14th July, 2014

Ahead of the Croydon Heritage Festival, the Citizen examines what Croydon’s past means for its future

It remains a massive surprise to many that Croydon’s history is both rich and varied. For those that know even a little of it, it is no surprise at all.

Far from being the new town it is often mistaken for, Croydon is a place whose story touches every era of British history. But that history is rarely one of battles and monarchs (though a number of royal individuals have strong associations with it), but one of ordinary life changing and evolving: from the power of the medieval church to the beginnings of trade; from the coming of the railway to the birth of aviation; from optimistic but destructive post-war modernism to the dynamic multi-culturalism of modern Britain; everything that has mattered or will matter in Britain is to be found within its streets.

At the end of June, the Croydon Heritage Festival aims to celebrate that rich history and – more importantly than this – help a town to discover where it came from. But what does all of this, practically, really mean for here and now?

What lessons does history have for today’s gentrification debate? Are our oft-loathed modern buildings the architectural treasures of tomorrow? What can be done to save our pubs – once the heart of all social life – from extinction? Does all of this cosy reflection on times-gone-by have a sinister side?

This month, our contributors try to answer some of those questions. But there’s plenty more besides, including restaurant reviews, top event picks from the festival, post-election analysis from the Public Gallery and a two-page special on Crystal Palace’s triumphant battle to stay in the Premier League. Download now.

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