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By - Sunday 1st June, 2014

In an election special, the Citizen pits local leaders against each other in a battle for your vote

In local politics, this month is the big one. On 22nd May, who runs our council for the next four years will be decided. It’s likely to be a very close call; the whole election being won or lost (whatever some might protest) in a few key battleground wards. Areas such as Waddon and Addiscombe have seen full electoral assault already: very heavy canvassing, leafleting and debate after debate online. They are only likely to see more. But what are the issues that matter? Culture? Economics? Crime? Ideology? Inequality? Or is it more prosaic – will it be those who can provide reliable rubbish collections and street-lighting that will emerge victorious? Or, dare we say it, those who can promise the lowest council tax?

In this edition we explore the issues and see what standing candidates are saying to win your vote, with contributions from political leaders and residents alike. But that’s not all: these elections also coincide with elections for the European Parliament, an election that typically gets far less engagement than would be appropriate for a body of its influence. This is precisely why one contributor thinks you should care more. But should we even be looking to government for the solutions to our most pressing problems? Does technology hold the answer to all our problems? Lastly, leaving politics aside entirely for a moment of respite, Stephanie Darkes interviews the man that ran Croydon’s greatest popular music venue, once host to names like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie: the legendary Greyhound. Download now.

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