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By - Tuesday 14th October, 2014

Croydon goes back to the classroom in this edition of the Citizen, with a look at school places, public art, local recipes and life after Tony Pulis

Introduction by James Naylor, Editor-in-Chief:

In September, the ‘back to school’ season reaches its crescendo. Seemingly endless summer holidays finally do end; which, depending on your point of view, is either very bad or very good indeed. For stationery companies, supermarkets and even parents it might be a triumph, but for many children – who probably don’t want to be reminded, with interminable regularity on every billboard and TV advert, that the fun is almost over – it’s a far more traumatic experience.

I know that I never wanted to leave that wonderful doing-nothing-in-particular time behind, only to return to long evenings, short days and timetabled drudgery (it sounded a bit too much like a job). So why spoil their fun with marketing? After all, with concerns over the curriculum, the environment that their child will be entering and the genuine fear there might not even be a place for them at all, parents are often already worried enough for both.

In that spirit, while others proclaim the return to school as some kind of chirpy new start (rather than an exercise in selling dull-coloured shirts, protractors and textbooks) we decided that the cover of this education-influenced edition of the Croydon Citizen would stand up for everyone for whom this time of year is one of sadness and moving on. It is designed by brilliant local artist Nicky Nicholls, who skilfully imbues this deceptively child-like image with its own gentle sadness.

But, aside from Croydon’s many educational issues, there’s lots more inside: reviews, photography, football and – last, but not least – our continuing call for your ideas to make Croydon a better place. Get typing now and send them to

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