Site Refresh – January 2013

By - Monday 7th January, 2013

During maintenance we completed a site-wide refresh in response to your feedback

We’ve had lots of feedback over the past few weeks; what we’d done really well on the site and we hadn’t done so well. So, in response to your thoughts and to kick-off 2013 in style, we’ve re-designed the site. The new & redesigned features include:

  1. Completely new, 100% mobile adaptive, front-page design that displays several of the latest articles at once
  2. Re-organisation of menus with clearer access to site information in the footer
  3. @TheCroyCitizen twitter feed now displayed on the site itself, in the sidebar
  4. Clearer link colours & colour theme, using the more traditional blue for new links and purple for visited links
  5. (Backend) Contributor information area
  6. Special contact form for new contributor enquiries
  7. HTML linking from within user bios

We hope you find that using the refreshed site makes for a more interesting, user-friendly experience. If you have any other suggestions, please contact us.

The Croydon Citizen

The Croydon Citizen

The Croydon Citizen is a non-profit community news magazine for London's most populous borough.

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  • Kake

    It’s a big improvement — thank you! So nice to be able to pick out the links with the different colours, and the front page is much friendlier now. I do wonder if it might be possible to use smaller front-page images when displaying on a mobile device, though — for swiftness of loading if nothing else. It took ages to load on my phone when I tried it earlier today.