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By - Tuesday 17th December, 2013

Today is a great day in the Citizen‘s history. We began distributing our first ever print edition in the early hours of this morning, and thousands of people around the borough and across London are right now reading the thoughts of some of our contributors.

But that’s not the only thing we’re celebrating today. Since we launched back in November 2012, we’ve been paying close attention to how people use the site and what they think of it. Using some of the information we’ve gathered, we’ve undertaken some improvements which we think will make the Citizen a more accessible way to read news and views from Croydon.

A radically redesigned sidebar

The first and most noticeable change is the addition of three new sections on the right hand side of each page. Now, finding content similar to the article you’re reading could not be simpler. Listed in the sidebar will be articles that are in the same series, by the same author, or about similar topics. We hope this will not only give people more to read on the site, but also reward contributors who wrote articles that might not be on the front page anymore but are still relevant to interested readers.

More interesting category pages

One thing we found as part of this overhaul is that readers weren’t commonly looking through the category pages. These are pages like Sport, Culture or Politics & Society. Until now, they were rather aesthetically unappealing lists of articles with a small picture next to them.

What we’ve done now is completely change how the category pages look. Starting today, they will all be formatted like the front page of the site – an attractive grid of images with headlines on them. This should make reading contributors’ great archive content a much more enjoyable experience. You can now look through content specifically to do with the areas you’re interested in just as you would visually navigate the headlines on the front page.

Improved spacing

Adjusted margins, tighter boxes and a smaller logo at the top of the page should give all our readers a better experience. Put simply, we think we’ve made the site faster and easier to read. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and the other changes we’ve made today – please get in touch or leave us a comment below.

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