Review: Leave ‘Em Laughing at Stanley Halls, 6th May 2018

Posted on May 15th, by Barnaby Powell in Culture. No Comments

An evening of humour and wit in South Norwood

When asked about the position of the poet in society, Dylan Thomas replied: “Definitely vertical!”. By this token, stand-up comedians are the poets of boundless notion. Their trick is to remain firmly erect on stage, by building an untoppled tower of amusement with words. Unlike the stand-up, bar-room row, the challenging exchange between the crafty jester and his/her … Read More »

Theatre Review: 1984

Posted on April 4th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture, Topical. 1 Comment

Croydon’s Breakfast Cat Theatre stages staging a surprisingly timely performance of George Orwell’s 1984. Liz Sheppard-Jones reports, and explains why you should witness the show while you still can

On the day the Daily Mail attempted to lead the nation in a Two Minute Hate against welfare claimants, the powerful and intense opening scenes of Breakfast Cat’s 1984 makes the atmosphere in the … Read More »