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In the hills of Palestine: echoes from the First World War

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One hundred years on, battles from Croydon’s past overshadow Palestine’s future

Having captured Gaza, Beersheba and Jerusalem in 1917, by the spring of 1918 British forces fighting in the First World War Sinai & Palestine campaign had occupied southern Palestine and were ready to push up towards the Ottoman provinces of Syria, Lebanon and, also, into what is present-day Jordan. Amongst the West Indians, Indians, Jews, Arabs, … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Amnesty ‘Write for Rights 2014′, Saturday 29th November

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Croydon citizens send cards with messages of hope to five political prisoners

Did you see Croydon Amnesty Group in the Whitgift Shopping Centre on Saturday 29th November? Did you stop to send a card to Liu Ping, Ali Aarrass, Alfreda Disbarro, Moses Akatugba or Raif Badawi?

Members of Croydon Amnesty Group had a stall in Allders Square, inviting shoppers to take a few moments out … Read More »

The work of Croydon Amnesty

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Beverley Foulkes-Jones talks about the origins of Amnesty International and the work of the Croydon group

In 1961 barrister Sir Peter Beneson was travelling to work when he read a newspaper report about two Portuguese students in Lisbon arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for publicly making a toast to freedom. Beneson wondered if the Portuguese authorities could be persuaded to release the students … Read More »