Andy Kershaw

Review of ‘The Adventures of Andy Kershaw’, Matthew’s Yard, Thursday 17th July

Posted on July 22nd, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

After interviewing the veteran broadcaster last month, Paul Dennis reports on Andy Kershaw’s adventures and anecdotes

Big thanks are due to Neil Woodcock and the rest of “The ukelele and other machines” team for setting up ‘The Adventures of Andy Kershaw’ at Matthew’s Yard on Thursday 17th July. I hope it’s the start of many more such gigs, especially if they are of this quality.

Clearly they … Read More »

Andy Kershaw comes to Croydon

Posted on June 24th, by Paul Dennis in Culture. 1 Comment

Paul Dennis talks to globe trotting, multi-talented broadcaster Andy Kershaw before his gig at Matthews Yard

I was present when an old journalist crushed a bright eyed female student’s expectation of the profession, with the words: “journalism is not about meeting interesting people. It’s about meeting boring people – then making them interesting.” However, it’s clear that the ancient scribe had never had the opportunity … Read More »