I was saved by Fairfield

Posted on May 16th, by Amie Salmon in Culture. 1 Comment

Amie Salmon reminds us that there are human stories like hers behind the headlines surrounding the Fairfield closure, and appeals for care to be taken in whatever decisions are made

My story is unique. Not uncommon, but unique. It’s uniquely mine.

In September 2013, Fairfield (Croydon) Ltd offered me an apprenticeship in ‘Technical Theatre’. I thought: ‘finally’. I saw it as my last chance … Read More »

Small businesses hindered by skills shortage

Posted on January 25th, by CronxWire in CronxWire. No Comments

More than a third of SMEs say a shortage of skills is hindering their growth. Adrian Bishop of quBlu Training is promoting the employment of apprentices as a solution, with apprenticeship participation now at a record high of 871,800.

Over 37% of SMEs say that a shortage of skills has hindered their business growth, with a third also stating a lack of time is the biggest barrier to … Read More »