Making change through art at TCFT Croydon

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How the power of creative thinking can bring us together

Throughout life, there are instances that change our lives by having a significant impact. Being invited to Bosnia in 2015 to participate in The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) was certainly one of mine.

TCFT is defined as “an international youth-led community of artists, activists, students and professional facilitators with a collective ambition to develop global … Read More »

Event review: The Emerge exhibition at the BRIT school

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Young artistic energy on display in a fascinating exhibition of students’ work

Walking briskly, we made our way into the BRIT school building. My mother and I have a tendency to mill about when we should be making our way somewhere. so we were lucky to make to the exhibition because we were running late. Before we even stepped in, it was bustling with students, adults, and … Read More »

Review: Art workshop for young people at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre

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Keeping art alive for young Croydonians

On Wednesday 14th February I attended an art meet-up for all of the teens and kids of Croydon at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre. The Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre is a historical building which was left behind by the composer, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, for the youth of Croydon to express their creativity in. And that they have; in fact, the … Read More »

Wesley Baker brings music and street art together

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One Croydonian has high hopes for the borough’s future

The founder of CDN, Wesley Baker, is a photographer and event organiser based in Croydon. Wesley is one of many community members actively working on the downtown area’s regeneration and specifically the street art movement.

After leaving Coventry University, Wes returned to Croydon and began immersing himself in the tech and art communities. He was frustrated with … Read More »

Exhibition review: Urban Landscapes at the Elizabeth James Gallery, South Norwood

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Artists explore their cities and find beauty in this thought-provoking show

On Tuesday 17th May 2017, an art exhibition opened at the Elizabeth James Gallery on Portland Road. Elizabeth James was originally from Richmond, but grew up in Croydon, and could see the place where the gallery is now from her bedroom window as a child. Wanting to bring art to this area is what inspired her to … Read More »

Exhibition review: ‘The Light Within’ at RISE Gallery

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This flashy exhibition means everyone in Croydon can see the light

Discovered in 1898 by William Ramsay and Morris Travers, the inert gas neon, which glows red when electrically excited, soon became used as an advertising medium. However, its initial popularity became its downfall: its ubiquity was seen as tawdry, sleazy, and cheap. How better then, than to celebrate the shift from cutting-edge to edginess, than by … Read More »

Exhibition review: Silence Is So Accurate at Turf Gallery

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Silence is golden, the saying goes, and the exhibition looks that way too

There’s a man who works in the Sistine Chapel whose job is to say “shhhhh”. That’s it: it’s all he does. When the tourist chatter gets above a certain level, he’s on: “Shhhhhhhhh!” he goes. And silence falls. For about a minute.

I’ve never come across this in any other church, cathedral, temple … Read More »

Croydon joins the City of London Livery Education Link

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Rufus Jones on representing his Croydon school in a London-wide art project to commemorate the First World War

At the school office, I was greeted by a very enthusiastic looking teacher. I was rather nervous at the time due to being summoned to reception for a reason unbeknownst to me. I sat down next to a few familiar faces as the teacher walked in. His first words … Read More »

“A brilliant example of art for art’s sake”: the James Oliver exhibition launch at Descartes Gallery, Matthews Yard

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Jonny Rose praises the Croydon artist James Oliver’s imaginative and vivid exhibition at Matthews Yard

In an age where everyone thinks they’re a legitimate social commentator with a Big Idea, it’s refreshing to meet someone who creates art just for the heck of it.

James Oliver is one such person, and last Friday I had the joy of conversing with the genial Jarvis Cocker … Read More »

If you’ve not heard of Croydon artist Evacustus Phipson, you’ve missed out

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A radical watercolour painter? Croydon had one of those, says Tony Skrzypczyk

On Thursday 3rd March I took part in a ninety minute guided walk in the centre of Croydon to look at the sites of some of the works of Evacustes Arthur Phipson, a little-known but prolific watercolour painter of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It was led by Emily Lansell, collections officer, and … Read More »