Summer reading: The Day Jesus Rode Into Croydon, by Kirk St Moritz

Posted on August 12th, by Rob Preston in Culture. No Comments

In the first of a series of reviews of Croydon-themed summer reading material, Rob Preston identifies with a hero from Anytown CR0

This, the debut novel by Kirk St Moritz, will be full of the familiar to any man born in the mid-seventies and raised in the suburbs. To those who eagerly awaited the next episode of Rentaghost or Blake’s Seven, or who dreamed of receiving prized possessions … Read More »

How can we revitalise Croydon’s music scene?

Posted on November 13th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 28 comments

Jonny Rose beholds the death of the local music scene in Croydon, and envisions the resurrection

Croydon has lots of bands and lots of talent. The people I’ve spoken to work very hard to put on gigs that surprise and delight attendees. There are clearly distinct gatherings of Croydonians who enjoy the same music: you only have to go to The Ship to see how tight-knit … Read More »

Project B launch daytime café-bar

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Project B, an events venue in the former Beanos building, has expanded to include a café-bar. Promising classic drinks, “the best sandwiches in town” and an industrial-luxe image, the venue launches with an event on 8th May.

Release begins: The iconic Beanos building continues to be put to great usage, as Project B launch their daytime Café-Bar on the ground floor of this listed building in Croydon’s old … Read More »

“I would make Croydon better by…”

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How could Croydon be improved? We want your suggestions today! Email us at

Last month we launched a campaign to get your suggestions to make Croydon a better place. Why? From the beginning, a big part of the Citizen has been about proposing concrete, achievable solutions to the town’s problems. Now we want to do more and involve readers on a larger scale than ever.

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I would make Croydon better by…

Posted on July 8th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. 6 comments

How will you improve Croydon? We want your suggestions today!

A day doesn’t go by when people don’t wish Croydon were a better place some way or other. A safer place, a cleaner one – one that’s more fun or more interesting. Who wouldn’t want that?

But how often do people propose, real, concrete suggestions for improving where they live? Often we leave … Read More »

Croydon: a historic musical mecca

Posted on November 5th, by Francesca Baker in Culture, History. 2 comments

Francesca Baker takes us on a tour of Croydon’s diverse musical heritage, from the Beatles to dubstep producer Skream

A few miles down the road, in nearby Peckham, there is something of a musical renaissance happening. Billed as the new Dalston, the area which is famed more for Delboy than chords and choruses, is bubbling with musical talent, a burgeoning club culture and pop-up gigs … Read More »