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A tribute to Darcus Howe

Posted on April 20th, by Marc Wadsworth in History. No Comments

The towering intellectual, activist and Norbury resident is being laid to rest today

Champion British black rights campaigner Darcus Howe has joined the African ancestors. He died on 1st April aged 74.

After spending thirty years in Brixton, the leading broadcaster, writer and  political activist more recently lived in Norbury.

I met Howe during the three-day 1981 uprising in Brixton, where I also lived. He … Read More »

Print Archive: March 2016 print edition – Closing time

Posted on April 20th, by The Croydon Citizen in Site News. No Comments

The decline of Croydon’s nightlife is explored in an edition that also looked at the borough’s BME history, and the borough’s place in the growing London economy

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