Cane Hill Hospital

In memory of the soldiers of Cane Hill

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Sean Creighton on actions to honour the memory of local soldiers traumatised by combat

Barratt Homes has started work to build 675 homes at the former 205 acre Cane Hill Asylum and Hospital site. It will cost £210 million. Croydon Council will receive around £10 million in community infrastructure levy monies. Hyde Housing Association will run the 25% of the homes designated ‘affordable’. It is … Read More »

Croydon Council’s last meeting before the local elections: calm before the storm?

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Sean Creighton reports on the last council meeting being held before local elections May

“Profoundly shocking” is how Tory leader Mike Fisher describes the “nature of the revelations made by the review” of the police handling of the Stephen Lawrence commissioned by the Home Secretary. This welcome statement was made in response to a question from Norbury Labour councillor Sherwen Chowdury at the Croydon Council … Read More »

A tale of two developments: Cane Hill and Caterham Barracks

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Matthew Doyle contemplates buildings steeped in Victorian history which are set for regeneration

Two developments. Two lives. A shared sense of history links them both as does proximity. One is in Croydon, the other over the boundary in our spiritual home of Surrey. The Victorian era gave them their birth but their future lies in the residential housing market. Unlike the visual migraine of the … Read More »