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Carers Week 2018: why we need more conversations about Croydon carers

Posted on June 11th, by Amy Deakin in Politics & Society. No Comments

Helping local carers get the support they need from the community

It’s Carers Week from 11th to 17th June 2018, an annual campaign to champion carers in our community. Over 33,000 Croydon residents care for a friend, family member or neighbour due to illness, disability or old age, and it’s only right that we recognise that fact. Carers support people who may have high support needs and … Read More »

It’s time for Croydon to get carer-friendly

Posted on June 7th, by Amy Deakin in Politics & Society. No Comments

It’s Carers’ Week. Let’s use it to tell the world why they matter, says Amy Deakin

There are an estimated 34,000 carers in Croydon. Carers are the hidden support network of our community, providing unpaid support to a relative, friend or neighbour who needs more help due to disability, illness or age. But who are they?

Carers come from all walks of life. You might be … Read More »

The reality of being a Croydon carer

Posted on April 5th, by Loren Dixon in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

While many carers’ support services are being cut or closed down, they are needed more than ever, says Loren Dixon

As I failed to find this word in my miniature dictionary, I searched online and found the definition as of a carer as: ‘a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or sick, elderly, or disabled person’. My online dictionary added … Read More »

Taking to the airwaves to care for Croydon’s carers

Posted on January 30th, by Dawn Assefa in Politics & Society. No Comments

Dawn Assefa is a supporter and advocate for carers in Croydon and an experienced carer herself. And – she’s also a DJ

Being cared for at home brings people independence and dignity. Carers give their time and support to those they care for and mostly cope very well – but it’s important to recognise that many carers can be frail, disabled or sick themselves. Caring impacts your … Read More »