Croydon respite plans are closed until further notice

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Carer services in Croydon are being hit hard by closures

The word ‘closed’ is an interesting adjective. ‘Not open, having ceased trading.’ It has a certain finality about it, in that it cannot be questioned – only accepted. The ‘closed’ sign on a shop window or door gives an overall feeling of disappointment and annoyance. This subsides, though, as the following day it will be open again. … Read More »

Carers Week 2018: why we need more conversations about Croydon carers

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Helping local carers get the support they need from the community

It’s Carers Week from 11th to 17th June 2018, an annual campaign to champion carers in our community. Over 33,000 Croydon residents care for a friend, family member or neighbour due to illness, disability or old age, and it’s only right that we recognise that fact. Carers support people who may have high support needs and … Read More »

Announcing the Croydon Creative Carers’ exhibition, Saturday 13th January

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Join us as we celebrate the wonderful work produced by our creative carers

Release begins: The Croydon Creative Carers’ exhibition will be open on Saturday 13th January 2018 from 13:00 – 15:00 in the Studio Space at 2-4 Park Street, CR0 1YE.

Local mental health charity Studio Upstairs has been running a new Creative Carers’ group in Croydon, funded by Croydon Council’s Community Fund and led by qualified professionals. The … Read More »

Why Carers’ Rights Day is so important to Croydon

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Carers are so important to society and yet, so often, their rights are ignored

Friday 24th November 2017 may be just another day in the calendar for many people. For many others it marks Carers’ Rights Day. This annual event is held in order to bring carers together to ensure that they are aware of their rights and – importantly – know where to find … Read More »

Let’s make Croydon’s GP services carer-friendly

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How should Croydon support those who spend so much of their time caring for others?

There are over 33,000 people in the borough of Croydon looking after a friend, family member or neighbour. Whether it’s an elderly parent, a sibling with a mental health problem or a child with autism, every carer plays a vital part in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

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The long road to self-care

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How can Croydonians take better care of themselves?

The national carers’ strategy consultation (the draft Carers’ Strategy 2011-2016) agreed that “carers often neglect their own health and wellbeing”. This message comes as no surprise. It’s very easy for your health to deteriorate when others are a priority in our lives – but, of course, this is not just an issue for carers.

Carers do have a … Read More »

Why Carers Rights Day matters to Croydon

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Caring for Croydon’s carers

John looks after his elderly mother, who lives alone. She’s become very frail over the past year and has multiple health issues. John is constantly rushing around, trying to make sure his mother is okay whilst holding down a full-time job. The stress is starting to take a toll on John’s performance at work, and he fears he may lose his … Read More »

How should Croydon support its young carers?

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There are over 300 registered young carers in Croydon, and the likely real figure is much higher

I’m pleased to say that Croydon has made commitments to members of its community who have caring responsibilities, in particular its young carers. The council published a carers strategy in 2008, setting out a number of provisions and steps for their needs and requirements.

The intention is … Read More »

Looking back at Carers Week in Croydon

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Loren Dixon was impressed by the improved variety of events in this year’s Carers Week, and is cautiously optimistic about what will come next

It’s that time of year again: 6th-12th June, Carers Week. I received via the post and email numerous events and information for carers. Carers Week, if you are not already familiar, is a campaign that is held every year which not … Read More »