Vote Green this May for a cleaner, safer, happier Croydon

Posted on April 26th, by Peter Underwood in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The two-party system is failing Croydon. Here’s an alternative that works for you, says the Green Party’s Peter Underwood

On 3rd May this year you will elect your local councillors to sit on Croydon Council for the next four years. This is your chance to change Croydon for the better by electing Croydon’s first Green Party councillors.

We deserve better than the stale old Punch-and-Judy politics … Read More »

Winter in brief

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The big news stories of December 2017 and January 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

Croydon bids to become London’s first Borough of Culture

Croydon entered the competition to become London’s first Borough of Culture in 2019, a new award announced by mayor Sadiq Khan. The bid was submitted in December, and the outcome will be announced in February. Twenty-two bids have been submitted and rivals include Brent, Camden, Greenwich … Read More »

Croydon Council to take libraries back in house following the liquidation of Carillion

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The council’s move has been announced with the intention of protecting jobs and to secure the future of the borough’s library services.

Release begins: Croydon Council has announced today that it intends to terminate its contract with troubled contractor Carillion and will take its libraries back in-house and protect library staff jobs.

Government services provider Carillion is to go into liquidation, it stated this morning. The company took over … Read More »

Who stole Croydon Town Hall?

Posted on September 20th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

A new book explains why ‘cabinet’ government by councils is the end of local democracy as we know it

Over the last year, there has been growing realisation within both the local Conservative and Labour parties that the executive leader and cabinet system for running Croydon Council has major flaws. The key question is whether either party will include in their local election promises next year a … Read More »

Croydon Central Library pioneers the first #Croydon #TechCity Tech Zone

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New year, new philanthropic initiative for Croydon Tech City and co.

Libraries are integral to Croydon’s success

Nearly two million visits a year are made to Croydon’s libraries by Croydonians of all ages and backgrounds. To say that your local library is central to Croydon’s future is no overstatement.

Libraries are places that people go to for information. Books are only the tip of the information iceberg. … Read More »

Croydon Tech City 2016: a year in review

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What a year it has been for ‘the Silicon Valley of South London’!

In just twelve short months, the Croydon tech scene has grown to become a major case study in community-driven regeneration, a government “blueprint”, and home to the largest tech workspace in South London.

How did it all happen?

January – CTC in Australia; Matt Hancock describes CTC as “a blueprint for the … Read More »

Give and Gain Day, 15th May 2015, offers Croydon employees the chance to volunteer in their communities

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On Friday 15th May, as national Give and Gain Day marks the role of employees volunteering in local community organisations, the event will be marked at a gathering in Waitrose on George Street, central Croydon. 

Release begins: As the new government says it would require public sector employers and companies to give staff up to three days a year to do voluntary work, only a week after the … Read More »

How should Croydon’s progressives vote in the general election?

Posted on April 21st, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Sean Creighton offers some advice to those who want a different kind of governing coalition

Recently in the Citizen, Robert Ward explained why he’s going to vote Conservative. How about the decision-making process for those looking in a different direction?

I believe it’s going to be difficult for progressive people in Croydon to decide how to vote in the general election. For Labour supporters – how … Read More »

What next for Croydon libraries?

Posted on March 24th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 16 comments

Sean Creighton assesses the future of the borough’s libraries and whether residents should engage with the private contractor Carillion

On Thursday 13th March I attended a meeting between representatives of Norbury’s resident associations and managers of Carillion’s library operation for Croydon Council.

Following the publicity in the local press about Carillion, the purpose of the meeting was to find out direct from its representatives what plans … Read More »