Make yourself heard at this sociable foreign-language club

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Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, benvenuto, willkommen to the Croydon Social Language Club!

Most of us Brits are monoglots – we can only speak our own language, which is English. Unless we have parents born overseas who have shared their native language with us, or we’ve taken the trouble or had the opportunity to learn other languages, we lack the ability to converse with those from other countries. Even … Read More »

Feel that summer lovin’ as the rooftop cinema season begins in Croydon

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The Croydon Creative has organised a series of film screenings, from classics such as Grease to modern-day-classics like Birdman, to take place at The Lost Format Society, a rooftop cinema and bar. Screenings begin on 6th August and conclude on 16th.

Release begins: Get ready to raise the roof, or at least sit on it, as The Croydon Creative brings you Croydon’s newest and only rooftop cinema and bar space, The Lost … Read More »

Lean dreams in the dark

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Why did the little cinema in Katharine Street Croydon refuse to die?

9AM, Monday February 24th 2014. A procession of early arrivals at the Croydon Visitor Centre discovers that you can’t, after all, purchase tickets there for the New David Lean’s re-opening. People’s frustration really shows, and the number of early-morning callers and the extent of their disappointment tell a powerful story. Why did the … Read More »