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Close The Door Mate, It’s Still Freezing

Posted on January 31st, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Why Brendan Walsh spent January demanding to see the manager

I couldn’t help myself really. It’s an inbuilt instinctive childhood reaction. Snow starts falling and you rush down to the high street to spot shivering retailers. I barely had time to grow a beard. There was some good news. The number of doors shut was now at 50% (January 19th 2013), up from 29% in early December. A Pyrrhic victory, … Read More »

Close the door mate, it’s freezing

Posted on December 20th, by Brendan Walsh in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Brendan Walsh is a Christmas shopper on a mission

Christmas is coming, and with energy prices booming, methods of keeping warm are in demand. My dear ol’ mum used to wrap me up like a mummy which pleased my dear ol’ dad immensely. I was about 10 before I realised the radiators in my house were something other than a weird low level art installation. Roaring fires were ok … Read More »