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Behind the scenes with Croydon’s disability DJs

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Catherine Payne gets the lowdown on Croydon’s friendliest club night

On 27th June, the Bad Apple nightclub hosted an evening of drinking, dancing and DJing. Yet this was not your regular drunken foray from Croydon’s many seasoned (and sauced) clubbers. In fact, this was a Monday night; which meant that it was Club Soda’s time to party. Club Soda is Croydon’s own pioneering not-for-profit arts organisation. It provides … Read More »

Event review: Soda Beat returns to Matthews Yard, Friday 21st December 2015

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It’s not just disability music. It’s a great night out, says Catherine Payne

On Monday 21st December music-laden vibrations were sent spilling out onto Surrey Street in central Croydon. The source? Club Soda’s Soda Beat event at Matthews Yard.

Club Soda is a Croydon-based organisation whose purpose is to provide opportunities for personal and artistic development for people with learning disabilities. This is achieved … Read More »

How Fairfield can face the future and thrive

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Fairfield has an exciting future. Let’s get the whole community behind it, says the chair of the Fairfield Halls

When the ambitious and controversial building programme is completed at Fairfield, we need a future cultural offer that excites ever more people, builds on our impressive participation programme and promotes Croydon’s dynamic culture. A charity is the best operating structure to deliver these goals.

There are challenges. … Read More »

London’s first regular live music night for musicians with learning disabilities returns to Croydon in February

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Soda Beat, London’s first regular integrated live music event for musicians with learning disabilities from the UK’s rapidly growing learning-disabled music scene, introduces Soda Beat #5. 

Release begins: Soda Beat is produced by Club Soda, who runs some of London’s most popular learning disability arts events, including club nights, theatre performances and art exhibitions.

Soda Beat #5 featuring:

The Carbonators

The Carbonators began as an … Read More »

Arts career boost for Croydon teens

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Club Soda, in partnership with Croydon Council, has been successful in securing £16,500 funding from the Department of Health for a project approved under the Autism Innovation Fund. 

Release begins: A council-funded project has won a £16,500 grant to give Croydon children with autism expert training towards a career in the entertainment industry.

 Club Soda has won Department of Health funding to train up to 30 young … Read More »

Club Soda Croydon and Bad Apple give opportunities to young DJs with learning disabilities

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A pioneering South London club night returns to Croydon’s Bad Apple, featuring talented DJs and MCs from South London with learning disabilities. 

Release begins: The Soda Crew was established by Club Soda in 2009 to support several talented DJs with learning disabilities to improve their technique and get opportunities to play at club nights up and down the country. There are currently 10 DJs in the Soda Crew, each of whom … Read More »

Club Soda Croydon nominated to win Grassroots Giving award

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A Croydon-based disability arts organisation has been shortlisted for a £500 award for a radio project to help fund production of their show on Croydon radio.  

Release begins: An arts and events organisation led by people with learning disabilities needs votes from the public after being nominated to win a £500 award to help fund production of their show on Croydon Radio.

 The ‘Grassroots Giving’ grant is being … Read More »

Event preview: Croydon Fun Palace, Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th October 2014

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Croydon’s Fun Palace team explains the inspiration behind this laboratory of learning and play, and invites you to join in

On the weekend of October 4th and 5th, Croydon will host a free Fun Palace – a laboratory of learning and play, a place for experimenting and trying out new things in the arts, sciences and technology.

A large retail unit in the Whitgift … Read More »

WordFest – a new celebration of the arts for Croydon youth

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Something’s stirring in the library. It’s time to spread the word about Croydon WordFest, says Rachael Phandey

Croydon Libraries, Apples and Snakes, the Croydon Youth Arts Team, Club Soda and young people aged 11-19 have worked together to develop a programme of free events across Croydon this summer. During the early part of summer 2014, WordFest offered a series of workshops in creative writing and performance (singing, … Read More »

How Club Soda Croydon brings sparkle to disability arts culture

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Club Soda started as a night club, and ended up as so much more. Oliver Tipper tells the story of an artists’ collective with a difference

On the evening of Tuesday 20th May, I was proud to be present at the opening of an exhibition of art at Croydon Clocktower in Katharine Street. The artists’ collective is called Pop Artists, and all its members have learning disabilities.

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