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Is the council doing enough for small businesses?

Posted on August 9th, by Sean Creighton in Economics & Business. No Comments

In a multi part series, Sean Creighton explores the state of SMEs in Croydon and whether they help or hurt the community

This is the second part of a series by Sean Creighton. The first part is available now.

In 2014, the Croydon TUC Working Party drew the attention of the Local Government Association to the issue of greater role for councils in enhancing the digital infrastructure and capabilities of … Read More »

EVENT: Croydon ‘Women in Tech’ special – Thursday 23rd March 7pm @SI_Croydon

Posted on March 21st, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City. No Comments

Unveiling the stellar lineup for this Thursday’s #Croydon #TechCity event at Sussex Innovation Centre

Following on from International Women’s Day earlier this month, we are excited to announce an event featuring three leading professionals carrying out incredible work in our very own borough.

Get ready for an evening of inspiration and learning from the award winning crowdfunded Detective Dot series that aims to promote STEM to … Read More »

Croydon Central Library pioneers the first #Croydon #TechCity Tech Zone

Posted on January 9th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City. 3 comments

New year, new philanthropic initiative for Croydon Tech City and co.

Libraries are integral to Croydon’s success

Nearly two million visits a year are made to Croydon’s libraries by Croydonians of all ages and backgrounds. To say that your local library is central to Croydon’s future is no overstatement.

Libraries are places that people go to for information. Books are only the tip of the information iceberg. … Read More »

Croydon is now the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing economy – thanks to Croydon Tech City

Posted on October 10th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City. 4 comments

#Croydon #TechCity’s founder says that the credit for the borough’s boom lies with his organisation, if he may say so himself

Five years ago, Croydon was a national joke: a borough whose chief cultural exports were ill-advised hairstyles, Kate Moss, and punchlines for North London sophisticates. Despite constant hand-wringing from concerned locals and a cacophany of online debate, nobody had a clue about how to change … Read More »

Opportunity Croydon: The first step to a better Croydon is more volunteers

Posted on October 20th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Jonny Rose calls forth an army of volunteers from Croydon’s society

We need more volunteers in Croydon

Last week, the Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission set up by the council released its interim report, Building A Better Croydon For Everyone.

At sixty pages long and drawing from the responses of over 3,000 Croydonians, the report makes for some interesting reading. However, by far … Read More »

Croydon Tech City townhall: putting Croydon on the map in London Technology Week

Posted on June 30th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City, Event Reviews. No Comments

#Croydon #TechCity co-founder Jonny Rose reports on the movement’s sophomore summit

Almost a year after the success of our first Croydon Tech City summit, Croydon found itself once again hosting a summit of venture capitalists, tech companies, and property developers.

This time it was was bigger and better than before: over two hundred delegates attended the Croydon Tech City ‘townhall’ – a major … Read More »

Ed-Tech: A review of Croydon Tech City’s February event

Posted on March 19th, by Lucinda Stewart in Croydon: Tech City, Event Reviews. No Comments

Croydon Tech City returned to the 3Space Croydon Hub for a night looking at ed-tech startups. 3Space’s own Lucinda Stewart reports

I am hugely inspired by the charities, non-profits and startups who work from our 3Space hub here in Croydon. It’s then always a pleasure to host the Croydon Tech City events, as it further proves what an amazingly passionate and creative bunch of people … Read More »

Tech City: the educators

Posted on March 10th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. 1 Comment

Bernadette Fallon meets the people delivering tech skills to Croydon’s future workforce

Tomorrow’s jobs will be different from many of today’s. Teaching the skills that tomorrow’s workforce will need is a vital part of making Croydon an attractive location for digital companies and equipping young Croydonians with the knowledge and confidence to start businesses of their own.

So I was fascinated to meet three of the people involved.

Margaret … Read More »

What’s the point of teaching children to code?

Posted on March 4th, by James Naylor in Croydon: Tech City. 1 Comment

It’s going to be a long time before any of Croydon’s “code club” children become the next Mark Zuckerberg…

Let’s be honest, the chances are infinitely small that a child  currently attending a Croydon code club today will have made a splash big enough to warrant a movie about the technology giant they built; there aren’t too many companies the size of Facebook out there … Read More »

Tech City – delivering Croydon’s future skills, now

Posted on March 3rd, by Nigel Dias in Croydon: Tech City, Opinion. No Comments

Half the jobs we’ll do in ten years’ time don’t exist yet. Enter Future Tech City, says Nigel Dias

In November 2013, Croydon Tech City (CTC) launched its Future Tech City (FTC) initiative, the purpose of which is to raise the awareness and availability of tech skills in the borough, in particular by promoting organisations like Code Club and Apps for Good. With more schools, … Read More »