Abdul Basit, a Croydon social activist, receives peace award in Delhi, India

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Abdul Basit, a local social activist, has received an award recognising his work in bringing peace and education to communities in the UK and India. 

Release begins: Abdul Basit, a Croydon based social activist and property developer received the BRICS Alliance Forum Peace Award; this prestigious award was given by a five-country forum comprising of (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

The BRICS Alliance event took … Read More »

Take up tennis and improve your Croydon life

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How joining a local tennis club can change your life for the better

I did not take up tennis until I was in my mid-forties, as a way of averting the middle-age spread, staying off cigarettes, learning something new, and – most importantly of all – increasing my social circle in Croydon.

I started with some beginner group lessons and, when I found that I enjoyed … Read More »

Tell us about your memories of Croydon

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When you think of Croydon, what comes to mind?

We really want to know… For our July print issue, we want you to tell us about your strongest memory of Croydon: whether you’re 15 or 85, we want to know what you think of when you think about our borough. Is is shopping down Surrey Street with your family? Is it going to one of the local … Read More »

A newcomer’s first impressions of Croydon

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The borough’s identity through the eyes of an outsider

Identity has always been crucial to people and places. Formal identification is needed for individuals to travel, pay for goods and even to rent a library book. Places like airports and docks have names or codes that distinguish their locations from others. These are all very practical, mechanical aspects of the word.

But in a much more … Read More »

Breaking of fast brings diverse cultures together

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Traditions of Ramadan strengthen community ties

On the evening of Tuesday 30th May, a heartwarming event was held in central Croydon. A large meal called iftar was prepared to observe the tradition of Ramadan and to bring the people of Croydon together. At a time when a few individuals seek to show that extremist violence and hatred exists in the UK, Croydon’s local community provided love, acceptance … Read More »

An energy garden for West Croydon station

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The case for an energy garden at West Croydon Overground, and how to get involved

Energy Garden is a partnership project delivered by Repowering London, Groundwork and Transport for London. Each energy garden is different, and is designed with input from the community to reflect the local area. The gardens incorporate on-site renewable energy to power lighting, water pumps, community noticeboards and other small-scale station amenities. A … Read More »

Wine tasting in Croydon to raise awareness of Fairtrade wines

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The Croydon Fairtrade Community Network is hosting a wine tasting event in Croydon on Saturday 18th October in Coulson. The event costs £10 and is aimed to raise awareness of Fairtrade wine.

Release begins: The Croydon Fairtrade Community Network is hosting a Fairtrade Wine Tasting Event at St Aidans Church Hall, Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon on Saturday 18th October at 7:30pm.

The sommelier is Ian Mclean and he … Read More »

Social network bringing community together

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A social network called Streetlife is helping people in Croydon to organise events, raise awareness and make new friends. It aims to build stronger communities and has 2,500 locals signed up.

Release begins: Croydon residents are taking to a fast-growing social network that enables local people to connect and share with one another.

More than 2,500 locals have signed up to Streetlife, the social network for … Read More »