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Five of the best… places in Croydon to chill

Posted on March 2nd, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. No Comments

Continuing her ‘five of the best’ series, Bernadette Fallon turns her attention to chilling

Croydon Buddhist Centre

Despite its location close to the flyover (only in Croydon…), this is one of the most Zen spots in the borough. Traffic and busy streetlife doesn’t knock a feather out of its contemplative atmosphere, with pretty courtyard garden, calm meditation room and sociable meeting space. Join in … Read More »

My first Croydon summer

Posted on September 8th, by Charles B. Wordsmith in Culture, Uncategorized. No Comments

Charles B. Wordsmith reflects on his first taste of summer in the Cronx

I am still a bit of a new boy as regards being a resident of Croydon, having only arrived this spring. Yet somewhat surprisingly for a lover of the natural world, I am slowly coming to love this southern outer section of London’s urban jungle. I thought therefore that I’d try to write a … Read More »