Council Election 2014

The Public Gallery: Labour in the lead in Croydon Central as Zone 4 united front falters

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The politicians were never going to play nice for long on Zone 4 Croydon, writes Tom Black

O’Connell and Barwell write to Boris about Zone 4 Croydon

Gavin Barwell MP and Steve O’Connell AM have written to Boris Johnson about the Zone 4 Croydon campaign, requesting “a meeting with TfL Director Sir Peter Hendy and you [Johnson] to seek your support for a review … Read More »

The Public Gallery: A new mayor and a new administration

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Mayor Shamul-Hameed has a different sort of council to keep in line, but she herself promises to be a different sort of mayor. Tom Black watched them all in action at their very first council meeting

I like the public gallery in the Town Hall Council Chamber. It inspired the name of this column for a number of reasons. One is that it … Read More »

Print Archive: May 2014 News Magazine – Election 2014

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In an election special, the Citizen pits local leaders against each other in a battle for your vote

In local politics, this month is the big one. On 22nd May, who runs our council for the next four years will be decided. It’s likely to be a very close call; the whole election being won or lost (whatever some might protest) in a few key … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Were you still up for Kellett?

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After a long night last Thursday, Croydon Labour emerged as our new council’s governing party. Tom Black was there until sunrise – and beyond

Labour wins control of the council by 40 seats to 30

After weeks of a narrowing poll lead and an increasingly competitive campaign, the Croydon Council election proved to have a decisive outcome. The ‘Labour nightmare scenario’ – where Labour … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Don’t forget to vote

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Today, everyone in Croydon gets to decide who’s in charge without a shot being fired. Don’t forget to play your part, writes Tom Black

Are you under 18?

Are you a convicted criminal currently serving a custodial sentence?

Are you a person being held in a mental hospital?

Are you a member of the royal family?

Unless the answer … Read More »

Who should lead Croydon? Mike Fisher and Tony Newman go head-to-head

Posted on May 20th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The Citizen presents the leaders of Croydon’s Labour and Conservative parties – in their own words

This Thursday, Croydon will go to the polls and elect a new council. It is very probable that one of these two men will lead it. Mike Fisher, the Conservative incumbent leader of Croydon Council, has been in the job since 2006. The man he replaced was … Read More »

The Public Gallery: New battlegrounds, deprivation and my chat with Ed Miliband

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Tom Black may have spoken too soon in claiming there were just two wards of interest in this election. This week he re-assesses the evidence, and reports on a new Citizen reader – the Leader of the Opposition

Ashburton and Fairfield campaigners insist it ain’t over ’til it’s over

Have I been too quick to write off the rest of Croydon in TPGs-gone-by? Perhaps.

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Communist Party candidate in Broad Green speaks out on the demise of local government

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The Communist Party’s candidate for Broad Green has set out his party’s proposals for local authorities

Release begins: Dr Peter Latham, Communist Party local election candidate for Broad Green, said today, “As the local election campaign picks up, it’s noteworthy how little comment there is by candidates on the effective emasculation of local government under the Con-Dem Government. Unless present policies are reversed we face the prospect of … Read More »

The Conservative Future of Croydon

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Coulsdon East Conservative candidate James Thompson is proud that Croydon’s right wingers are getting younger

As the local elections continue to heat up in the coming weeks, 2014 looks set to be a real tussle between the Conservatives and Labour for who wins control of Croydon Council. Looking further ahead, 2018 could be an even more significant election for our town.

This year, there … Read More »

Labour, politics and #Croydon #TechCity: a response from Cllr Toni Letts

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Croydon Labour’s shadow cabinet member for jobs, business and regeneration responds to Conservative candidate Mario Creatura’s bold claims about Tech City

Tech City is one of a number of truly exciting  movements happening across our wonderful town at this time.

I was therefore dismayed by the comments made by Mario Creatura, the Coulsdon West Conservative candidate, where he politicises the successful Croydon Tech City.

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