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Croydon Writers’ Group helps us share the joy of writing

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Join a group that can improve your creative skills and become a testing ground for your writing

In 1945, a group of professional writers came together to create what would become Croydon Writers. They aimed to encourage writing and provide a starting point for anyone who wanted to get into a writing-related profession. Back then, this was a formal group with lofty aspirations.

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The biggest reason of all why you should write for the Croydon Citizen

Posted on May 25th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 3 comments

How a community news magazine can change your life

These are inspiring times on the Croydon Citizen, with new production editor Cassie Whittell and long-time contributor Jonny Rose setting out all the reasons why this news magazine is a wonderful thing, both for the communities of Croydon and for the individuals who write for it. Cassie wants to welcome even more new contributors to the … Read More »

Why you should write for the Croydon Citizen

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I want to hear your voice – and let others hear it, too

When I was the editor of a well-known film magazine, we used to have a saying on the team. “Everyone’s a critic”, we’d mutter sagely to each other, when someone tried to tell us our jobs, or explain to us how to review a movie, or even why our carefully crafted destruction of Eddie’s … Read More »

Short story: Fire! Fire! The night that Croydon Minster burned down

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Put your feet up, forget about the news, and take a trip to the past

How this story came to be written

It’s now 150 years since the terrible night when fire swept through the ancient Saxon church at Reeves Corner following a gas heater malfunction. The minster has held a series of events to mark the anniversary, which have included a concert on … Read More »