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85 years on, Amy Johnson’s record-breaking flight from Croydon to Sydney is commemorated

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It’s 85 years since Amy Johnson set out to fly solo from Croydon Airport to Sydney, Australia. To mark the anniversary, Croydon Airport is recreating it in a series of tweets over the twenty days of this epic journey.

Release begins: Yesterday, May 5th, marked the 85th anniversary of Amy Johnson’s historic solo flight to Australia. Amy Johnson set off from Croydon Airport on a journey that would see … Read More »

Come fly with Croydon Airport as it celebrates £10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant

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Croydon Airport Society has a Heritage Lottery Fund grant – the first funding it’s ever received – to Deborah Challis’s delight

Croydon Airport Society has been awarded £10,000 as part of an exciting new project, ‘Revealing the Hidden Heritage of Croydon Airport’. Our project aims to recruit and train volunteers to meet growing demand at its Visitor Centre, help keep it open and research the … Read More »

Croydon Airport to take part in Open House London weekend 20th – 21st September 2014

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Croydon Airport, Britain’s former major air terminal, is delighted to be taking part in the capital’s greatest architecture festival, Open House London, of the weekend of 20th- 21st September 2014. 

Release begins: The airport will be open from 11am to 4pm on both days. Parking and admission is free.

Croydon Airport is of significant historical importance, offering a unique opportunity to experience aviation history first-hand, from the … Read More »

Croydon Airport Society launches new website to emphasise its importance as rich learning resource

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Today sees the launch of Croydon Airport Society’s new website which aims to make its history more accessible and to engage with schools and learners.

Release begins: Today sees the launch of the new Croydon Airport Society website. The website aims to make the national heritage of the historic Croydon Airport more accessible, better interpreted and explained.

It features lots of interesting information, new facts, videos and … Read More »

Why UNESCO should declare Croydon Airport a World Heritage Site

Posted on June 9th, by Ian Walker in History. 3 comments

The time has come to celebrate Croydon’s pivotal role in the history of aviation. Ian Walker, Chair of Croydon Airport Society, explains why Croydon Airport deserves to become a World Heritage Site

UNESCO, World Heritage, Croydon – words not often seen together in the same sentence. What does Croydon have that puts it on a par with the other 981 United Nations Educational Scientific … Read More »

A piece of aviation history

Posted on February 21st, by Dennis Goswell in History. 2 comments

Dennis Goswell shares his memories of Croydon Airport when it was world famous

In the early 1930s my family moved from London to rent one of the houses on the very new St. Helier council estate in Carshalton. It was a great place to grow up in and an exciting event was to first hear and then see an aeroplane overhead. Croydon Airport was, at … Read More »