Croydon Amnesty

Croydon Environmental Fair 2018 in Wandle Park

Posted on June 18th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

A ten-minute walk away from Croydon town centre, all was green – and a bit too peaceful

On Saturday 9th June Croydon’s greenest citizens held the borough’s eighth Environmental Fair in the serene surroundings of Wandle Park.

Enthusiastic representatives from Croydon Saffron Central, the Friends of Wandle Park, West Croydon’s Our Green Mile, Croydon Community Connectors, Friends of the Earth, Croydon Amnesty, the Spinal Health Centre, … Read More »

Event review: The Asylum Monologues at Theatre Utopia

Posted on June 6th, by Rosie Edser in Politics & Society. No Comments

Croydon’s asylum seekers, in their own words

On the day after the Manchester bombing, it was good that the Croydon Amnesty Group decided not to cancel its showing of The Asylum Monologues at Theatre Utopia, Matthews Yard , because it was honest, simple story-telling: story-telling of the sort that recalls you to your sense of humanity, develops your empathy, calmly informs your mind and reduces the temptation to generalise and … Read More »

Event review: the Croydon Youth Theatre’s ‘Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row’, Saturday 17th October

Posted on October 22nd, by Charles Barber in Culture. 8 comments

Charles Barber reflects on a justice system in which another’s confession of guilt offers no protection for a young black man

The week prior to going to see ‘Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row’ I’d been suffering with a bad cold and sometimes feeling a bit sorry for myself. But if any performance or story had the power to put one’s own minor concerns in … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Amnesty ‘Write for Rights 2014′, Saturday 29th November

Posted on December 15th, by Rachel Lindley in Politics & Society. No Comments

Croydon citizens send cards with messages of hope to five political prisoners

Did you see Croydon Amnesty Group in the Whitgift Shopping Centre on Saturday 29th November? Did you stop to send a card to Liu Ping, Ali Aarrass, Alfreda Disbarro, Moses Akatugba or Raif Badawi?

Members of Croydon Amnesty Group had a stall in Allders Square, inviting shoppers to take a few moments out … Read More »

Croydon Amnesty Group calls on shoppers to ‘write for rights’ this winter

Posted on November 21st, by CronxWire in CronxWire. 1 Comment

On Saturday 29th November members of Croydon Amnesty will be inviting shoppers in the Whitgift Centre to send a greetings card to someone imprisoned or tortured, often without trial.

Release begins: Look out for members of Croydon Amnesty Group in the Whitgift Shopping Centre on Saturday 29th November. They will be inviting you to take a few moments out from your Christmas shopping to send a greetings card … Read More »

The work of Croydon Amnesty

Posted on October 24th, by Beverley Foulkes-Jones in Politics & Society. No Comments

Beverley Foulkes-Jones talks about the origins of Amnesty International and the work of the Croydon group

In 1961 barrister Sir Peter Beneson was travelling to work when he read a newspaper report about two Portuguese students in Lisbon arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for publicly making a toast to freedom. Beneson wondered if the Portuguese authorities could be persuaded to release the students … Read More »