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June 2017 in brief

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Last month’s biggest stories, summarised by the Citizen team

Croydon Council responded to Grenfell Tower fire by instigating safety checks

The day after the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, North Kensington, on Wednesday 14th June, Croydon Council issued a statement to all council tower block residents reiterating safety and evacuation procedures. The best course of action in case of the spread of fire appeared to have been unclear in … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Bach Choir presents Homo Sum at its summer concert

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The highlight of Croydon Bach Choir’s summer concert was a remarkable new work with a unifying vision by Mark David Boden

On the warm and sunny evening of Saturday 1st July, many of us gathered at Croydon Minster to hear the Croydon Bach Choir present the final concert of its 2016-17 season, featuring the premiere of Mark David Boden’s work Homo Sum alongside opera choruses and arias and … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Bach Choir’s Spring Concert

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A celebration of music itself

On Saturday 1st April, about 300 people gathered in St Mildred’s Hall to joyfully share complex sound patterns; to participate or to watch the orchestra and singers throwing sounds between themselves, to and fro, in and out, the rhythm escalating, ricocheting with rippling patterns reminiscent of waves crashing on to the shore, or of birds circling up in what appears at times … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Bach Choir’s Transatlantic Journey, Saturday 25th June

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Rufus Jones, aged thirteen, is impressed by the performance of a boy soprano in a varied and lively summer concert

As I walked into St Matthew’s church, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been to past concerts by Croydon Bach Choir due to my mother being a member, but this was a change of pace for me. The performances that I had been to before were … Read More »

Croydon’s musical marathon to save the minster organ

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Thirty straight hours. 500 hymns. Croydon Minster’s fundraising ‘hymnathon’ isn’t for wimps. Liz Sheppard-Jones explains why she’s taking part

From 2008 until 2015, I worked at Croydon Visitor Centre. All day every day, people asked us questions and Croydon became my Mastermind specialist subject.

Doing the job, I was struck again and again by how much we Croydonians don’t seem to know about our … Read More »

Event review: an evening with former organists of Croydon Minster

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The minster’s the daddy, says Sue Harling, and its former organists provided a wonderful evening’s entertainment

As a choral singer of thirty years’ standing, I like to think I know quality and consistency when I hear it, and the minster choral foundation has never failed to impress. I wasn’t sure what to expect, though, when a friend invited me to an ‘evening with former organists of Croydon … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Bach Choir sings Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, Saturday 19th March

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There’s a lot that can go wrong in this one. Paul Dennis admires the pluck of Croydon Bach Choir

You can never accuse the Croydon Bach Choir of lack of ambition. In Tim Horton it has a musical director unflinching in his desire to stretch the choir by tackling technically difficult pieces, and they don’t come much more technically difficult than Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis. More than four … Read More »

Event review: Croydon Bach Choir sings Haydn’s Harmonie Mass and other works, Saturday 21st November 2015

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There wasn’t any Bach. This confused Tom Black, but he was too happy to mind

I don’t know much about choral music. I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called. Hymns and that. All I know is that the Croydon Bach Choir is very good at it.

In the grand environment of St John the Evangelist Church in Shirley, the choir soothed me … Read More »

Event review: the Croydon Bach Choir summer concert, Saturday 27th June

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Liz Sheppard-Jones finds musical comfort for the living at St Matthew’s church

My watch stopped on the way to the Croydon Bach Choir‘s Summer Concert 2015, held in St Matthew’s church, Chichester Road, East Croydon, on Saturday evening 27th June. So I strolled in from the warm evening sunshine to find I was entering as the performers filed on. Sidewalk to symphony in under a minute cheated … Read More »

Event review: The Sopranos – a workshop with Croydon Bach Choir

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Liz Sheppard-Jones hits a high note with Haydn at a one day rehearsal-and-performance workshop

I’m rusty, but I can sing. As a teenage soprano I was solid back row material, pumping up the volume, but it was fun and I featured at the Three Choirs Festival (a music event involving choirs from the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire) and in Worcester Cathedral with both church and … Read More »