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Calling all of Croydon’s literary lovers!

Posted on November 28th, by Cassie Whittell in Culture. 1 Comment

Bigger, better, brighter, bolder: the 2018 Croydon Literary Festival would love to hear from you

In September 2017, the first ever Croydon Literary Festival took place at the David Lean Cinema. Over 250 people attended throughout the day, to listen to speakers such as Joe McGann, Erin Kelly and Louis Barfe; check out stalls run by BookLove, Bookseller Crow and The Ludoquist; and chat to like-minded literary … Read More »

The long road to self-care

Posted on May 10th, by Loren Dixon in Politics & Society. No Comments

How can Croydonians take better care of themselves?

The national carers’ strategy consultation (the draft Carers’ Strategy 2011-2016) agreed that “carers often neglect their own health and wellbeing”. This message comes as no surprise. It’s very easy for your health to deteriorate when others are a priority in our lives – but, of course, this is not just an issue for carers.

Carers do have a … Read More »

Event review: the Picasso Bestiary exhibition at the TURF Gallery

Posted on December 16th, by Tom Winter in Culture. No Comments

Tom Winter has a beastly time in Keeley Road

TURF Projects‘ latest exhibition entitled ‘A Bestiary’ is a reflection on a little known inaugural exhibition held at the Croydon Clocktower gallery some twenty years ago. This was entitled ‘Cock and Bull Stories: A Picasso Bestiary’ and was a wonderful collection of some eighty works by Picasso involving animals or monsters, available for all of south London to … Read More »

What is the Fairfield for?

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The South Bank of south London? As the announcement of its two-year closure for renovation is debated, Anna Arthur considers possible futures for the Fairfield Halls

Fairfield Halls has been the topic of much debate in recent years. It seems that anyone and everyone has an opinion on what it does and whom it’s for. It undoubtedly holds a special place in the hearts of … Read More »

Help celebrate International Peace Day 2015 in Croydon

Posted on September 21st, by Aishah Mehmood in Politics & Society. No Comments

Aishah Mehmood asks all Croydonians to make our voices heard for a better world

I’m starting this article with a call to action. As founder of Croydon Peace Tree and co-ordinator of our local activities for World Peace Day, I’d like to ask you to visit our Facebook page today and post a message about peace and what it means to you. Don’t Facebook? Well, you can also … Read More »

David Lean cinema thanks its most loyal patron

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The Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign – which recently completed a year of films since returning to its Clocktower venue – has thanked its most frequent and loyal patron at a party given for volunteers on Friday 17th April.

Release begins: Jane Hunt, a central Croydon resident and David Lean steward, has attended a remarkable 52 of the 75 films shown during the cinema’s first year of … Read More »

How the Save David Lean team runs a cinema

Posted on October 17th, by Jill Thomas in Culture. 2 comments

Re-opening Croydon’s much-loved David Lean cinema in March 2014 was just the beginning. Jill Thomas explains what the volunteers did next

When the David Lean Cinema closed in 2011, the loss of Croydon’s much-loved arts cinema was palpable. Films were made available to an appreciative audience at the Spreadeagle pub next door, but the aim was always to have the cinema itself re-opened. And some … Read More »

How Club Soda Croydon brings sparkle to disability arts culture

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Club Soda started as a night club, and ended up as so much more. Oliver Tipper tells the story of an artists’ collective with a difference

On the evening of Tuesday 20th May, I was proud to be present at the opening of an exhibition of art at Croydon Clocktower in Katharine Street. The artists’ collective is called Pop Artists, and all its members have learning disabilities.

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