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Progressive, not rebellious: the student occupation of Croydon College of Art

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The strikes and protests in France in May 1968 sent reverberations around the world, and Croydon was no exception

A protest outside the French embassy on Sunday 26th May led to twenty-three people being charged for ‘threatening behaviour, obstruction, and assaulting the police’. Among them was twenty-one-year-old accounts clerk Matthew Feddis, who lived on Clyde Road in Addiscombe. According to the prosecutor, “he was pushing and jostling at … Read More »

How local young people, politicians, and educators view youth political involvement in Croydon

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Youth voter turnout has been low in the last decade

In the last decade, London’s largest youth borough has seen low voter turnout amongst its youth population.

Youth voter turnout in Croydon mirrors a similar occurrence national elections have recently seen as well. According to the British Election Study’s 2015 daily rolling election campaign data, in England during the general election, out of the 917 … Read More »

Croydon groups team up to raise awareness of knife crime in three-week programme

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Town-centre events provide guidance and safety advice regarding knife crime

Croydon Council’s youth engagement team teamed up with Croydon police, Victim Support, and other groups in a three-week programme to raise awareness of knife crime.

Participating groups hosted a range of town-centre events throughout the programme, which started during half term. The events ranged from opportunities to gain advice and guidance on … Read More »

South Croydon Community Association debates the future of the arts in Croydon

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Let’s talk about how to take the arts forward together

In this world of online networking and chat, there is still a place for live public debate in a room full of people with experience, ideas and commitment, interested in effecting change. On Thursday 16th March, about ninety such people gathered at a Question Time event organised by South Croydon Community Association (SCCA) at Croydon College. The … Read More »

Love Croydon, hate gluten? Here’s where to eat

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Andy Ellis’s essential guide to coeliac Croydon

Let’s begin with a few words about gluten. It is a mix of proteins found in wheat, rye, oats and barley and, by extension, common foods such as bread, cakes and beer. It also finds its way into numerous processed and packaged items. To avert a common misconception, gluten does not occur in corn, maize, rice, buckwheat or nuts.

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Restaurant review: Chef’s restaurant at Croydon College

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Chef’s is where Croydon’s culinary students hone their skills. Andy Ellis enjoys the results

Croydon College, College Road (but use Park Lane entrance), Croydon CR9 1DX

Time from East Croydon:  5 minutes

We happened to be passing Croydon College on our way to lunch in Croydon’s Old Town when we were approached by a young lady smartly clad in black with a … Read More »

David Bowie’s journey from Croydon to the stars

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Max Shirley explores the life of the recently deceased icon, David Bowie

David Bowie was one of the most influential artists of his time. His pure genius led to the invention of many-a-persona and the revitalisation of the music industry as a whole. He began in space with Ziggy Stardust and ended as an artistic rocker, fallen, in Blackstar.

David Bowie broke all possible … Read More »

Event review: From Shame To Strength, Friday 30th October

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Not victims, but victorious. Katie Rose listens to a group of women who seek to empower others

On Halloween weekend and the penultimate evening of Black History Month, celebrating Women in Leadership, it felt absolutely fitting to attend an event exploring the deep and often hidden issues faced by women. Having recently shared a profound discussion about empowering young people’s voices with Magdalene Adenaike on … Read More »

How many flats can fit into Croydon town centre?

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Sean Creighton on shishas, central Croydon’s housing and the fight for oversight

A prestige shisha bar with pool is proposed for the roof top of one of the towers in a two block scheme on the Croydon College car park site. The scheme is backed by the owner of Aroma Shisha on the site of the old Royal Oak pub, Brighton Road, South Croydon.

The design … Read More »

Lights, camera, traction: Croydon’s blossoming relationship with Hollywood

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Jonny Rose examines Croydon’s growing presence on the silver screen

Nowadays, if you were to ask someone when was the last time they saw Croydon onscreen in a non-news related context they will almost certainly look to the small screen.

If they’re of a certain age they’ll most likely cite the gentle ’80s sitcom Terry and June. Otherwise, the obvious alternative to … Read More »