Croydon Community Choir

Event review: Croydon Community Choir’s Midwinter Music

Posted on December 16th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

How we held a pagan midwinter-fest in Matthews Yard

It’s no coincidence that Croydon started seriously getting its act together around 2013. That was the year we held our first Heritage Festival. I found myself thinking about this as I joined a small group of community singers in Matthews Yard at 7:00pm on Monday 5th December, and making some interesting connections.

I believe that the regenerative … Read More »

The day that ‘Sing for Water’ came to Croydon

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Katie Rose, host of Croydon’s ‘Sing for Water’ event, on why its ripples will be felt far and wide

Since 2011 I have been participating in Sing for Water, a choral movement which fundraises for WaterAid. So, having dreamed of organising a cross-choral event in Croydon, the occasion of entering my fifth decade seemed a fitting time to host ‘Water Love’, a singing fundraising party on Saturday 23rd July at … Read More »