Croydon economic boom

Homelessness and hunger in boomtown Croydon

Posted on October 12th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. No Comments

Croydon Foodbank’s founder, Fatima Koroma, talks to Liz Sheppard-Jones about changing times and new challenges

Croydon, as you may have heard, is now the area of the United Kingdom with the fastest growing economy. The place is newly fashionable, celebrated for its street art and culture, a tech hub of growing repute, and a shrine to foodie-dom which is imminently home to London’s second Boxpark, … Read More »

Croydon is now the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing economy – thanks to Croydon Tech City

Posted on October 10th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City. 4 comments

#Croydon #TechCity’s founder says that the credit for the borough’s boom lies with his organisation, if he may say so himself

Five years ago, Croydon was a national joke: a borough whose chief cultural exports were ill-advised hairstyles, Kate Moss, and punchlines for North London sophisticates. Despite constant hand-wringing from concerned locals and a cacophany of online debate, nobody had a clue about how to change … Read More »

Was it really ‘Tech City wot won it’?

Posted on September 21st, by Ian Marvin in Economics & Business. 1 Comment

Croydon Tech City may be – through no fault of its own – getting unrealistic levels of credit for Croydon’s boom

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard plenty of talk about Croydon having the UK’s fastest growing economy, and how this is a result of the work of Croydon Tech City. My dedication to supporting CTC knows few bounds. However, I was curious to read the … Read More »