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As elections loom, what kind of Croydon do you want?

Posted on November 17th, by Michael Swadling in Politics & Society. No Comments

UKIP candidate Michael Swadling sets out his priorities for next year’s local elections

After the snap election this year, you could be forgiven for being pretty fed up with politics and elections. In 2018, for the fourth straight year, Croydon will be returning to the polls – this time, for the local elections.

Whilst we’ve probably all had enough of voting for a while, these local … Read More »

The council must take responsibility for the children’s services debacle

Posted on October 5th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 3 comments

The verdict is damning, and there isn’t much ambiguity over where the buck stops

There’s not been much good news for Croydon lately. The latest in a long list of bad news to be laid at our council’s door is the assessment by Ofsted inspectors that Croydon’s children’s services have failed on all counts.

From the failure to deal with flytipping through delays to the Fairfield … Read More »

Now is the time for all politicians to be radical

Posted on July 6th, by Daniel Deefholts in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Labour’s big win in Croydon Central suggests that it is on track to keep control of the council next year, but can old-school socialism revive the borough?

One month ago, the nation and local community in Croydon Central were left in an uncertain state – an election with an inconclusive result left a nation apprehensive and politically divided. I spent election week confident, politically hungry, and optimistic … Read More »

Losing stinks – but the Croydon Conservatives will be back

Posted on June 23rd, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 6 comments

An activist’s-eye-view of this month’s general election in Croydon Central, which ended with the defeat of Conservative Gavin Barwell and victory for Labour’s Sarah Jones

Losing stinks. On 8th June, the Conservatives lost Croydon Central and, as a Croydon Conservative, that hurt. That we had such a fine candidate, and the fact that I along with many others had put considerable effort into getting Gavin Barwell re-elected, … Read More »

Why Croydon’s new ward boundaries look rather close to the Conservative proposal

Posted on March 23rd, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The electoral divisions of Croydon are due to change, and the Conservative proposal seems to have played by the rules more than Labour’s

Politicians can talk dismissively of process. They’re not the only ones. Top managers, frustrated by having to obey a set of rules before they get their way can curse being constrained by process. The public can too; how many times have you heard that … Read More »

Like talking to a Brick by Brick wall

Posted on March 10th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The cabinet’s response to important questions about the council’s new wholly-owned property company was deeply concerning

Croydon Labour wants to convince us that it does a great job running council finances. Council video clips now routinely include a reference to its financial acumen.

Unsurprising, since financial competence is a Labour weak point in the mind of the electorate. A glimpse of why was Monday 20th February’s cabinet … Read More »

Labour is delivering more with less

Posted on March 10th, by Simon Hall in Politics & Society. No Comments

Simon Hall, Croydon Labour’s cabinet member for finance and treasury, sets out his party’s record since 2014

In 2014, we won the council on a platform of an ambitious vision for our town. A Croydon with cleaner streets, with better-paid jobs and more affordable housing. A Croydon with tight control of taxpayers’ money and an administration with the community at its heart. The outgoing Tory … Read More »

Croydon is now the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing economy – thanks to Croydon Tech City

Posted on October 10th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City. 4 comments

#Croydon #TechCity’s founder says that the credit for the borough’s boom lies with his organisation, if he may say so himself

Five years ago, Croydon was a national joke: a borough whose chief cultural exports were ill-advised hairstyles, Kate Moss, and punchlines for North London sophisticates. Despite constant hand-wringing from concerned locals and a cacophany of online debate, nobody had a clue about how to change … Read More »

Another referendum: an executive mayor for Croydon?

Posted on June 30th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

The EU referendum is barely behind us, but another vote may soon be afoot in Croydon. Robert Ward assesses the options

You don’t have one for years and then two come along one after the other. Not a prospect that fills many of us with joy perhaps, but a group including Croydon’s two Conservative MPs is proposing a referendum on the idea of an elected executive mayor … Read More »

Croydon Council: bottom of the league for young and old alike

Posted on June 2nd, by Stuart Millson in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Conservative activist Stuart Millson isn’t impressed with where Croydon sits in the ‘league tables’ of London’s councils

League tables comparing the performance of each London council across all key services show Croydon to be at or near the bottom of the pile for key measurements in education and adult social care. Wandsworth Council, in a bid to monitor its own performance and share the results … Read More »