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Croydon’s new planning guidelines: great leap forward or stumble to uncertainty? (part 2)

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The devil is in the detail: what new planning guidelines mean for our borough

Following on from my article last week on the implications for the Croydon Local Plan with the implementation of the government’s revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) guidelines, here are a number of further issues for Croydon’s planners to take into consideration. New text from the NPPF is shown below in italics.

Land use

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Is Croydon regenerating its way to water shortages?

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Do local development targets take account of water supply?

Despite last winter’s high rainfall, London and the south-east region are classified as ‘seriously water stressed’. The recent heatwave can only have added to the problem. With population growth, Thames Water predicts that demand for water will exceed supply by 10 per cent in 2025 and by 21 per cent in 2040. If this is the case, then … Read More »

Croydon’s sustainability challenge

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How can Croydon ensure that the pressure of rapid change does not override sustainable development?

The Croydon Constructing Excellence Club recently discussed ‘sustainability’ in Croydon. The organisation is open to non-members to attend. But interestingly, when this topic was raised, there were no speakers expressing the different perspectives of residents and community organisations.

‘Sustainability’ was also a key issue in the debate on the new Croydon … Read More »

Last chance to improve the Croydon Local Plan

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Local Plan Modification consultation ends next week, but many sections remain deeply flawed

The council’s proposed Local Plan Modifications consultation ends on 10th October. It is regrettable that so much of the evidence submitted by residents associations and others have been ignored. It is not too late for one last attempt to influence the details of the plan for the better. The consultation documents can … Read More »

Why the inspector should reject Croydon’s Local Plan

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Sean Creighton thinks it’s unsound, poorly evidenced, unsustainable, and undeliverable

Croydon Council’s website describes the Local Plan as its ‘vision for enabling future development in the borough from now until 2036, in terms of homes, shops, jobs, schools, hospitals, leisure and recreation’. The Local Plan is a framework of polices and proposals to influence the future development in the borough in these areas. 

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Croydon Council struggles to defend its Local Plan

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We seek to hold our council to account over planning decisions

Unless I have interpreted the proceedings at the Croydon Local Plan Public Hearing wrongly, council officers are struggling to defend large sections of the proposed revisions to the Local Plan in terms of soundness, sustainability, evidence and effectiveness. These are the four main criteria upon which inspector Paul Clark will judge the plan.

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Was it really ‘Tech City wot won it’?

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Croydon Tech City may be – through no fault of its own – getting unrealistic levels of credit for Croydon’s boom

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard plenty of talk about Croydon having the UK’s fastest growing economy, and how this is a result of the work of Croydon Tech City. My dedication to supporting CTC knows few bounds. However, I was curious to read the … Read More »

It’s time to consult on Croydon Local Plan

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However flawed and problematic, public consultations safeguard us all, argues Sean Creighton

An important consultation should be starting in the autumn: amendments to the Croydon Local Plan are expected to be considered by the cabinet on 21st September. The Plan will provide part of the framework for dealing with planning applications in a way that meets the requirements of national government and the Mayor of … Read More »