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Winter in brief

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The big news stories of winter 2016-2017, summarised for your convenience by the Citizen team

Annual ‘Big Street Clean’ sees young Ahmadiyya Muslims tidy up Croydon on New Year’s Day

Young men from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) Croydon celebrated the start of 2017 by waking at the crack of dawn. After offering communal prayers for a prosperous year ahead and their usual morning prayer, they took to the streets, … Read More »

Musical notes from Croydon Minster

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The history of organ and choral music in Croydon’s parish church

A visitor to Croydon Minster once said to me that she liked to attend a morning service there every so often, because when the organist plays at the close of the service it is so good, it is just like going to a concert.

Such glorious organ music has long been a feature of many … Read More »

Event review: commemorative concert at Croydon Minster on the 150th anniversary of its devastation by fire

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A beautiful and remarkable piece of new music commemorates a dramatic event

Photo public domain.

On the freezing, snowy night of 5th January 1867, a defective gas heater in Croydon church (nowadays Croydon minster) caught light. The flames spread rapidly. Then, when the alarm was raised and fire crews rushed to assist, they were unable to get water to their hoses. The supply had been turned off in … Read More »

Short story: Fire! Fire! The night that Croydon Minster burned down

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Put your feet up, forget about the news, and take a trip to the past

How this story came to be written

It’s now 150 years since the terrible night when fire swept through the ancient Saxon church at Reeves Corner following a gas heater malfunction. The minster has held a series of events to mark the anniversary, which have included a concert on … Read More »

Fire! Commemorating 150 years since Croydon church burnt down

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One January night in 1867, a beautiful Croydon building dating back to Saxon times was destroyed in just a few hours

On Saturday 5th January 1867, a terrible fire raged through Croydon’s ancient parish church, reducing it to a broken shell in a single night. It was a fire which, according to accounts of the time, could have been put out, had it not been for a … Read More »

Event review: Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 at Croydon Minster

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Strike up sagbutts and unfamiliar long-necked stringed instruments

It had been a terrible week: internationally, the US election delivered the sort of appalling where even black humour jars, because you just can’t joke about this stuff. Joking is for when you’ve regrouped, shared your pain with others and started to work out a response. In Croydon, there had also been the horror of the Sandilands tram disaster.

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How Croydon Minster revived an ancient tradition: beating the bounds

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Stephen Willmer on the revival of a surprising ritual to mark the borders of Croydon

Beating the bounds is a very old tradition. And like most old traditions, it had a very practical purpose. In the days before maps and mass literacy, this ceremony ensured that the people living in a particular place knew the limits of their land on the ground (their bounds) and could pass … Read More »

Celebration of regeneration at the Minster’s Season of Creation

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Lee Taylor, Associate Vicar of Croydon Minster, ponders some ancient words of advice for Croydon

When conversations begin about building and protecting, it can easily be assumed that urban economic developers and conservationists are inexorable enemies. Yet, these interlocutors have one thing in common: the welfare and flourishing of the place in which they are set. Between them, they have a concern for the built and natural … Read More »

Telling the many tales of Croydon minster

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David Morgan, author of Minster Tales, explains how the human stories of Croydon’s historic minster church were what touched him most deeply

After retiring from my role as headteacher of the Minster Junior School in Waddon (formerly Parish Church School), I was asked by the minster’s former vicar, Colin Boswell, to lead tours of the building. I jumped at the opportunity.

Croydon Minster is one of the iconic … Read More »

Why we blessed Reeves Corner, five years on from Croydon’s riots

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Five years after the inferno at Reeves Corner became the iconic image of London’s riots, Father Lee Taylor and his congregation blessed the site. Here he explains why, and describes his hopes for the healing of Croydon

Mention the Croydon riots in some quarters and you’ll quickly be met with shushing. The official view is that it’s time to move on. That’s not always easy: there are parts of … Read More »