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Croydon’s slave-trading history: the evidence grows

Posted on June 22nd, by Sean Creighton in History. 1 Comment

Croydon was once home to many involved in the slave trade. As the borough holds its fourth Heritage Festival, Sean Creighton investigates one of the darkest chapters of our history

One of the benefits of giving history talks is that members of the audience are able to supply extra information. In the discussion after a recent talk I gave on Croydon’s connections with the slavery … Read More »

Traces of Croydon

Posted on February 17th, by Rossella Scalia in Politics & Society. No Comments

Rossella Scalia reflects on Croydon’s evolution and sets the scene for what’s yet to come

“People who do not know better would describe Croydon as a suburb of London; indeed within the last few years it has been officially incorporated in the Greater London area. But it is in essence a Surrey town with something of a provincial character: it is only about ten miles … Read More »