Croydon Park Hotel

Croydon’s autism army is on the march

Posted on May 3rd, by Paul McDonald in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Intelligent, confident and assertive: autistic people are ready to participate in their communities, says Paul MacDonald

When the subject of autism arises, why does everyone say, ‘Rain Man! Is that what you mean?’. Everyone seems to remember the film, but it’s a throwaway statement. I have found that awareness of a subject isn’t the same thing as interest in the subject.

That’s why I … Read More »

Five of the best… places in Croydon to chill

Posted on March 2nd, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. No Comments

Continuing her ‘five of the best’ series, Bernadette Fallon turns her attention to chilling

Croydon Buddhist Centre

Despite its location close to the flyover (only in Croydon…), this is one of the most Zen spots in the borough. Traffic and busy streetlife doesn’t knock a feather out of its contemplative atmosphere, with pretty courtyard garden, calm meditation room and sociable meeting space. Join in … Read More »

Restaurant review: Oscar’s Brasserie, Croydon Park Hotel

Posted on January 13th, by Anne Giles in Culture. No Comments

Anne Giles and her husband try a seasonal buffet

Croydon Park Hotel, 7 Altyre Road, Croydon, CR9 5AA

Time from East Croydon:  5 minutes

My husband Steve and I had visited this restaurant for a Christmas celebration recently and were so pleased with it that we decided to return a week later. Luncheon at £22.50 a head consists of an ‘all you can eat’ cold buffet, … Read More »

Afternoon tea in Croydon gives Knightsbridge a run for its money

Posted on October 3rd, by Danielle Lowe in Culture. 8 comments

Danielle Lowe indulges herself in a truly English tradition – the Croydon way

Originally for those of the highest social classes, afternoon tea was created as a sophisticated way to gather with acquaintances over expensive teas and fancy desserts and to see and be seen in the ritziest establishments and department stores of London.

You surely can’t get more socially exclusive than Harrods, and a couple … Read More »