Croydon Peace Festival

Peace and anti-war campaigning in Croydon from 1816

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Croydon has always been a home for those who yearn for peace

A big thanks is due to Katie Rose for conceiving and organising the recent Festival of Peace. It revives with a modern, contemporary approach the Peace Weeks that were held in Croydon in the 1920s and ’30s. And it carries on the tradition of Croydon-based folk singers, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, who provided the … Read More »

The Croydon-Kaliningrad connection

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Drawing comparisons between our borough and this unusual Russian city

I suspect many people in Croydon will not have even heard of the city and region of Kaliningrad. Yet for this particular Croydonian, it will always have a special place in my heart. Twenty-seven years ago, a few months after this then-Soviet city was opened up to foreigners, I married my dear wife. This June, tempted by … Read More »

Croydon’s Peace Festival: a review

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Borough residents define peace in many ways. How do you define peace in your life?

An age-old question: how do we achieve world peace? There has been a week in Croydon focused on exploring this question, in dozens of events dedicated to discussions of peace. People from across the borough came together in community forums and gatherings to share what peace is to them, in both their … Read More »

Review: Croydon Peace Festival 2018 – Who Keeps The Peace?

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A new exhibition by local photographer Rob Wilson Jnr, running in the Museum of Croydon until 15th July, asks what does peace look like?

“Insightful.” “Inspiring.” “Power to the people.” “The peace that comes from inside.”

These were some of the comments heard around the entrance space to the Museum of Croydon in the Clocktower earlier this week. The occasion was the soft launch of Croydon … Read More »

Peace Festival 2018: writing Croydon’s ‘Anthem for Peace’

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How the lyrics for the ‘Anthem for Peace’ came to life via poet Shaniqua Benjamin

“Music is like medicine, medicine for the soul.” Shaniqua Benjamin’s words about the power of music perfectly encapsulate the emotion in the new song for Croydon, the ‘Anthem for Peace’. The young poet from Thornton Heath and founder of Young People Insight wrote the lyrics for the anthem in several drafts, via brainstorming … Read More »

Croydon Peace Festival preview: why I’m running Croydon’s first ever-open-air yogathon

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Celebrate peace by participating in yoga at Park Hill Park’s Peace and Well-being Festival on Saturday 23rd June

This Saturday’s Peace and Well-being Festival in Park Hill Park is the finale of Croydon’s first Festival of Peace, which is taking place this week.

Its organisers wish to invite the people of Croydon to a ‘cross-cultural, cross-arts, interfaith celebration of peace’. As the … Read More »

Announcing Croydon’s first Festival of Peace, 16th–23rd June 2018

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Croydon’s first Festival of Peace will take place from Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd June 2018

Release begins: We are delighted to announce that Croydon’s first Festival of Peace will take place from 16th to 23 rd June 2018.

The festival invites the community to reflect, communicate and celebrate peace through a week-long participatory arts programme.

The centrepiece of the festival will be community performances of the London Mozart Players’ Anthem For … Read More »