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Five of the best… places in Croydon for (very) late summer fun

Posted on August 5th, by Bernadette Fallon in Culture. No Comments

Bernadette Fallon’s suggestions for seizing every moment of this late burst of summer

It’s the hottest September for fifty years – and whilst you might be feeling a bit hot under the collar in the office, these Indian summer days offer us a chance to catch up on missed opportunities earlier in the year. Here are my recommendations for top things to do outdoors in Croydon.

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The many joys of rambling in Croydon

Posted on May 4th, by Kei Miyakita in Culture. 1 Comment

Kei Miyakita went on a ramble, and she’s never looked back

My optician made me laugh during my periodic check-up, saying, “I divorced all my friends now, because they are old.” I chuckled as he himself doesn’t appear so young. He continued sadly: “All they talk about is aches and pains, cocktails of pills, boasting about their long list of ailments, and their watches bleep … Read More »