Croydon riots

The de-gentrification of West Croydon

Posted on October 25th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 8 comments

It can work both ways

Gentrification: good thing or bad thing? You choose.

In the blue corner: isn’t Croydon starting to look nice? Nothing’s unaffordable – it’s just that different people can afford things now. Sure, it’s rough on some, but better than the old days when everywhere looked a bit rough. It’s the price of progress. Anyway, our houses are worth six times what we paid. … Read More »

Short story: Fire! Fire! The night that Croydon Minster burned down

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Put your feet up, forget about the news, and take a trip to the past

How this story came to be written

It’s now 150 years since the terrible night when fire swept through the ancient Saxon church at Reeves Corner following a gas heater malfunction. The minster has held a series of events to mark the anniversary, which have included a concert on … Read More »

Why we blessed Reeves Corner, five years on from Croydon’s riots

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Five years after the inferno at Reeves Corner became the iconic image of London’s riots, Father Lee Taylor and his congregation blessed the site. Here he explains why, and describes his hopes for the healing of Croydon

Mention the Croydon riots in some quarters and you’ll quickly be met with shushing. The official view is that it’s time to move on. That’s not always easy: there are parts of … Read More »