Croydon Roll of Honour

Croydon and chemical warfare in the First World War

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How the most brutal of weapons touched the lives of Croydon men

The Croydon roll of honour from the First World War identifies thirty-five cases of gas poisoning amongst Croydon men, with twenty-two direct fatalities, as a result of the gas warfare that was waged by the European belligerents and, later, the United States. Gas, used as a large-scale weapon for the first time, killed considerably less … Read More »

Looking back on wartime Croydon in 1917

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How did the First World War impact on daily life in Croydon?

We are now into the third full year of the remembrance of the Great War. Croydon’s estimated population in June 1917 was 186,917, an increase from 169,551 since 1911. Whatever the difficulties experienced during wartime, the council continued its work as is shown in the Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for 1917. … Read More »