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Is the council doing enough for small businesses?

Posted on August 9th, by Sean Creighton in Economics & Business. No Comments

In a multi part series, Sean Creighton explores the state of SMEs in Croydon and whether they help or hurt the community

This is the second part of a series by Sean Creighton. The first part is available now.

In 2014, the Croydon TUC Working Party drew the attention of the Local Government Association to the issue of greater role for councils in enhancing the digital infrastructure and capabilities of … Read More »

Croydon needs to get creative about affordable housing

Posted on March 21st, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 8 comments

Sean Creighton urges fresh thinking on Croydon’s affordable housing crisis

“Investment in affordable housing for people in housing need and on low incomes has declined. The 2011/2015 Affordable Housing Programme saw a sixty per cent reduction in affordable housing investment compared to the previous programme”. That’s Croydon Council’s housing allocations scheme cabinet consultation, 21st March 2016 (3.3)

Croydon Council has put much energy into … Read More »

What part should social enterprise play in running Croydon?

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Sean Creighton sets out to learn some lessons in management from history

At the end of March last year the Octavo Partnership was started as a mutual partnership between Croydon council and the Headteachers Association to deliver the former in-house education support services to schools. This is one social enterprise solution to the future delivery of council services in a period of continuing cuts.

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Why worry about Croydon town centre’s night-time economy?

Posted on February 15th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Sean Creighton sheds some light on Croydon’s after-dark scene

Following previous closures of venues such as Yates and the Black Sheep, the news of the closure of the 2,500 capacity Tiger Tiger nightclub has shocked people into action about the state of the town centre’s night-time economy.

A Tiger Tiger spokesperson said: “It’s been a long time coming. Footfall in Croydon has gone down … Read More »

What are the challenges facing Croydon’s communities?

Posted on August 3rd, by Sean Creighton in Culture. 1 Comment

Let’s work together, says Sean Creighton

Here in Croydon as elsewhere we tend to look at local issues separately, and do not always see the cumulative effects. The Croydon TUC working party’s analysis of the council’s Growth Plan last year and my evidence to the Whitgift Centre CPO inquiry were attempts to look at a series of interconnected issues. The borough’s Opportunity and … Read More »

Croydon’s residents’ associations: power to the people, or routinely ignored?

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Is anyone listening? Real consultation is more than a tick in a box, says Sean Creighton

Norbury, where I live, is entering a new phase in its development. Over £1m has been allocated for what are called public realm improvements. Croydon Council has adopted new plans for improving the local economy (the Growth Plan and the Croydon Promise) which include improving district centres such as … Read More »