Croydon University Hospital

Through the keyhole: what the doctor sees

Posted on August 10th, by Barnaby Powell in Politics & Society. 12 comments

How a visit to Croydon University Hospital led to a reflection on what we can do to reduce the burden on the NHS

In early April, I took a heavy fall on my shoulder while walking my dog in Lloyd Park. When my arm failed to regain its normal leverage after several weeks, I had an X-ray, then an MRI scan to reveal the true extent of … Read More »

The Reader’s Shared Reading groups come to Croydon

Posted on July 27th, by The Reader in Politics & Society. No Comments

Shared Reading groups provide an informal space to discover great literature

In September 2017, The Reader, an award-winning charitable enterprise, started a new project in Croydon. This three-year project funded by the City Bridge Trust aims to improve wellbeing, build community and reduce the social isolation of the older people in the borough, through the delivery of ‘Shared Reading’ groups. This year, The Reader in Croydon has … Read More »

Winter in brief

Posted on February 1st, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big news stories of December 2017 and January 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

Croydon bids to become London’s first Borough of Culture

Croydon entered the competition to become London’s first Borough of Culture in 2019, a new award announced by mayor Sadiq Khan. The bid was submitted in December, and the outcome will be announced in February. Twenty-two bids have been submitted and rivals include Brent, Camden, Greenwich … Read More »

My Christmas in Croydon University Hospital

Posted on January 2nd, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 18 comments

A seasonal tale of shortages, stress, and exceptional doctors and nurses

On Wednesday 27th December, I called a doctor to my house for the first time in my life. The previous night I’d considered ringing for an ambulance. My partner was away for Christmas with his adult children and I knew that I couldn’t drive myself anywhere. I was raging hot, shaky, and couldn’t talk or walk … Read More »

No ifs, no buts, gentlemen: get your PSA tested

Posted on March 16th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Prostate cancer kills, but can be caught early and treated effectively in Croydon

My brother is a hypochondriac. Every headache or shortness of breath is in his mind a forerunner of some ghastly disease. I once asked him how often he thought about the possibility of his imminent demise, his answer was many times a day. His one comfort is that I am four years older so … Read More »

A report on Croydon Health Service Trust’s Annual General Meeting

Posted on October 25th, by Keithanthony Taylor in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Keithanthony Taylor encourages all Croydonians to spread the good word about our local hospital

Croydon’s community rallied on Wednesday 7th September 2016 for a very successful AGM at Croydon University Hospital, hosted and delivered by John Goulston, its CEO, and Mike Bell, its Chairman.

John Goulston and Mike Bell reminded us that the first time the AGM was opened to the public four years ago we … Read More »

Event review: the Pregnancy and Birth Exhibition, Croydon University Hospital

Posted on July 18th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Bumps and babies, but where was the exhibition? Liz Sheppard-Jones reviews part of Thornton Heath Arts Week 2016

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, observed German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke. He could just as easily have said ‘birth plan’: your midwife encourages you to write one, along with your birthing partner, and the two of you do so one evening over a cup of tea … Read More »

Fast-tracked at Croydon University Hospital: what happened next?

Posted on April 22nd, by Amaraghosha Carter in Politics & Society. No Comments

Many of us have heard negative things about Croydon University Hospital. Amaraghosha Carter had a different experience

Having experienced some worrying medical symptoms over a few days, I called my GP in Friends Road, Croydon. I received a call back within an hour and when I explained my symptoms, he asked me to attend surgery that afternoon as an emergency appointment. He undertook some initial tests and … Read More »

It’s time to bring back Croydon University Hospital radio

Posted on March 11th, by Keithanthony Taylor in Culture. 6 comments

It’s much missed, says Keithanthony Taylor, and helps keep patients connected to the community around them

Hospital radio is a fine tradition. It has been found to be beneficial to patients, lifting their mood and accelerating recovery. There are hundreds of hospital radio stations in the UK, almost all of which are members of the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA). Hospital radio stations are usually staffed … Read More »

Singing therapy in Croydon

Posted on February 29th, by Katie Rose in Politics & Society. No Comments

Musician and facilitator Katie Rose on how Croydon is exploring the healing power of song

Since time began we have used sound to restore our inner and outer harmony. It’s very exciting to see how current Croydon singing projects draw on ancient foundations of musical and medical practice, and to find out more about the exciting work being done in our borough.

Working with Catherine Pestano … Read More »