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Communicate with us better to improve hospital discharge, say Croydon’s older patients

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HealthWatch Croydon has revealed the outcomes of a survey carried out amongst senior patients (aged sixty-five and over) on the experience of discharge from Croydon University Hospital.

Release begins: To ensure a better experience of hospital discharge for patients aged 65 and over, Croydon University Hospital needs to improve communications between patients and health care providers, according to a survey commissioned by Healthwatch Croydon.

While one in five patients were … Read More »

Why I decided to strike, by a Croydon junior doctor

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In December 2015, junior doctors called off a national strike at the last minute to continue talks with the government. Today, the strike is back on. A Croydon medic explains why he’s joining the picket line

On Saturday 28th November, a group of junior doctors ran an information stand in North End, central Croydon. I was among them. We spent the day talking to the … Read More »

Could a religious revival save Croydon from itself?

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Jonny Rose recommends an injection of faith for Croydon to avoid going the way of Burton Upon Trent

Regular readers of the Croydon Citizen will know that I have little time for say-what-you-see type lamentations about Croydon. Bring me solutions, not problems.

The most recent example of this was Paul Dennis’s article last week that profiled his childhood stomping ground of Burton … Read More »

Croydon University Hospital nominated for national award

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The medical retinal service at Croydon University Hospital has been nominated for a national award after outstanding praise from patients. The nomination recognises its exceptionally good practice in the care of people with macular degeneration. 

Release begins: Consultant ophthalmologist Marta Ugarte and the macula team are in the running for the ‘Clinical service of the year’ award as part of the Macular Society’s Awards for Excellence. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects the … Read More »

They were prepared – the heroism of Croydon’s Scouts in World War Two

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A plaque has been unveiled in St Barnabas’ chapel, Croydon University Hospital, paying tribute to some unsung – and very young – Croydonian war heroes. Hospital chaplain Hilary Fife reports

Look closely at the tin helmet in the photograph on the left and you’ll see the words ‘Mayday H’. This photo brought to life for me a conversation I’d had with a patient, in … Read More »

Through the doors of… Croydon University Hospital chaplaincy

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From bleep to bedside: in the latest of her series on faith communities in Croydon, Rosie Edser meets the chaplain of Croydon University Hospital

On the last Friday each month Hilary Fife, the senior chaplain at Croydon University Hospital, cleans her Smart car then reverently lays out a purple drape and fills the car carefully with small white caskets. Acting as funeral director, she drives this poignant … Read More »

Inclusive art for all: Art Halo project launches at RISE gallery

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Who will be Croydon’s next big artist? Bernadette Fallon explains how it could be you

RISE gallery in Croydon has done many good things during its short time in the borough. Since its opening last October, owner Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison has created an art space Croydon can be proud of, showcasing doyens of the art world like Banksy and Damien Hirst alongside up-and-coming artists and graduates … Read More »

If Henry VIII had used disposable nappies, they wouldn’t have decomposed yet

Posted on January 27th, by Grace Onions in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Grace Onions, co-founder of Croydon Real Nappy Network, explains why she chose to work for change from the bottom up

“If Henry VIII had used disposable nappies, they would still be festering away somewhere, not yet decomposed.”

When I read this statement recently, it brought home to me what my work with the Croydon Real Nappy Network, which I co-founded in 2006 along with … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Three little letters

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Refreshed after a Christmas break, Tom Black takes a look at an issue close to millions of Britons’ hearts, and what it might mean for Croydonians

Croydon Central MP asked to dial down his constant petition launches

At the end of last year, the Croydon Advertiser launched a campaign with a simple goal: to stop Gavin Barwell launching campaigns. “We get it, Gav, there’s an election … Read More »

Croydon carers singing for support

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Carers are finding their voices through singing groups in Croydon, says Catherine Pestano

Recently I attended a Royal College of Music Symposium on singing and health which has led me to reflect on how singing can help to support and uplift carers. I’m aware that an increasing number of us face caring responsibilities, both for young but also increasingly for elderly family members – or both at … Read More »