Croydon Visitor Centre

Why Croydon needs a visitor centre, and how it could pay for itself

Posted on September 10th, by Charles Barber in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

A luxury service our town can’t afford? Not at all, says Charles Barber

If you happened to venture down the covered section of St George’s Walk on Saturday 25th August, you may have noticed a man sitting at a table with another chair opposite him. A sign on his table claimed that it was the Croydon Visitor Centre, and if you were rash enough … Read More »

The Croydon Forum’s back, so why not get involved in shaping our town’s future?

Posted on August 20th, by Charles Barber in Politics & Society. 10 comments

Be part of Croydon’s continuous transformation – please come along and join this positive-minded and informal organisation

The Croydon Forum was launched in January 2018. Progress since then hasn’t been everything that its founder hoped for. Enthusiasm alone doesn’t carve out time in the busy schedules of the people who came along to Matthews Yard that day to share their ideas about how to make … Read More »

London Borough of Culture 2019: why Croydon didn’t win

Posted on March 8th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 2 comments

One reason stood out straight away

We’re disappointed – the London Evening Standard had us as second favourites to win – but we rallied quickly. The creative community of Croydon is positive and resilient. On the day that the result of the competition to be London’s first Borough of Culture was announced, council leader Tony Newman tweeted: “congrats to the winners and I guess we remain ‘The Alternative Borough … Read More »

Interview with Roger Wade, founder and CEO of Boxpark

Posted on February 16th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Roger Wade put Croydon on the map, so why can’t we just be grateful?

Criticism of Boxpark has startled its crew. When I visit the crates on Tuesday 7th February to meet Roger Wade, its founder and director, development director Matthew MacMillan, events manager David Byrne and Megan Thomas from Boxpark’s public relations agency, Full Fat, they’re keen to tackle the issues. Noise complaints, lack of … Read More »

Boxpark from the inside out

Posted on January 30th, by Lauren Furey in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

When we said that we were here for Croydon, we meant it

The decision to place Boxpark 2.0 in Croydon was met with celebration, controversy and criticism. Some were excited and positive. Others were more wary.

From the outside looking in, Boxpark probably looks like the creation of corporate giants, swarming into developing areas and marking their territory with dining and retail spaces. The truth is that the … Read More »

What I think of Boxpark, by one of its neighbours

Posted on January 11th, by Steve Thompson in Politics & Society. 10 comments

In Croydon, for Croydon? Nice try, but there’s a long way to go

A recent article in the Citizen on the subject of Boxpark exhorted us not to moan about it. But I feel that in some cases, rose-tinted spectacles have been too much in evidence. My aim here is to offer my own thoughts as a relatively near neighbour of the site (I live in Cross Road, Addiscombe).

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On the land where Boxpark stands

Posted on November 17th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 13 comments

Liz Sheppard-Jones has a difficult personal relationship with Boxpark

It’s my own fault. ‘Let’s meet for coffee in Boxpark‘, I keep saying. Then comes guilt: I’m taking my coffee spend away from great places and great friends who’ve worked hard both to build up their businesses and to bring a quality product to Croydon. Places like Smoothbean! on Dingwall Road. And this is the reward I give … Read More »

Where is ‘Ambition for Croydon’?

Posted on July 22nd, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 2 comments

As Croydon’s Ambition Festival opens, Sean Creighton considers a distinct failure to reach for the stars

Flyposters now adorn the boarding in front of the closed Visitor Centre next to East Croydon Station while we wait for the Boxpark retail facility to be built.

The short-termism and lack of strategic thinking involved in the closure of the centre on 1st May by Croydon Business Improvement District … Read More »

Why every town needs its Croydon Visitor Centre

Posted on May 12th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 2 comments

Croydon Tech City leader Jonny Rose delivers a eulogy to the dearly departed visitor centre

Croydon Visitor Centre has closed for business 

Like many people, I was saddened to see Croydon Visitor Centre close at the beginning of the month.

The visitor centre was an ongoing service provided by Croydon’s Business Improvement District which covers the entire town centre and represents approximately 580 levy payers … Read More »

April in brief

Posted on May 6th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The headlines of last month, compiled into one handy article

Croydon became key election battleground

Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband and David Cameron were just three of the high-profile politicians to visit Croydon during the general election campaign. At the time of writing, the polls showed a neck-and-neck race between incumbent Conservative Gavin Barwell and Labour’s Sarah Jones. While betting markets and polling predictions narrowly … Read More »