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April 2018 in brief

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The big news stories of April 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

Labour held Croydon Council in the local elections

A low-key campaign overshadowed by national and London politics came to an end on 3rd May, with the result becoming clear overnight. Labour won 41 of Croydon’s 70 councillors, with the Conservatives taking the remaining 29. The UKIP vote collapsed across the borough, while Lib Dem and Green spokespeople both … Read More »

What does it mean to be a Crystal Palace fan in 2017?

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Tom Lickley is in a reflective mood after the Eagles’ latest defeat

There seems to be little need to pick apart Palace’s 0-1 defeat away at Stoke City last Saturday, rock-bottom confidence and an organised and effective home side the dominant factors.

Instead, as the Eagles seemingly slide towards another phase in the so-called ‘wilderness’ that is English football outside of the Premier League, it seems … Read More »

Crystal Palace’s burning problem

Posted on February 10th, by Tom Lickley in Sport. 3 comments

The Eagles are on their final warning

0-4 better than 0-1

Yes, you read correctly. Few would have appreciated the sentiment as Jermain Defoe slotted easily for his second and Sunderland’s fourth just before half time in the miserable defeat last Saturday, but it’s possible that a thorough thrashing is the last shred of hope for Palace in terms of firing the players up. Had the Eagles succumbed … Read More »

Restless Crystal Palace fans must rally around their team

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Palace fans must keep their heads up, as the Eagles are not relegated yet

Different approach, same result

A confidence-sapping late winner for Everton against Palace last time out will have further reinforced the belief that Crystal Palace’s four year stay in the Premier League is coming to a close. Without playing particularly well, the Eagles looked to have held on to their first point of 2017 before … Read More »

Allardyce needs to motivate his Crystal Palace players

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The ability to stay in the Premier League is there, but the manager and fans will need to unearth it

Hardly the most popular choice of a new manager for Crystal Palace, ex-England manager Sam Allardyce has done little to endear himself to supporters in his first few weeks in charge and even less to suggest that the Eagles have the talent and drive capable of keeping … Read More »

Review: Tony Collins: Football master spy

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The amazing story of Crystal Palace’s first black player

Born in 1926, Tony Collins was Crystal Palace’s first black player, joining the club in the 1957/8 season, and scoring 15 goals in 55 appearances – a decent return for a left winger.

To be honest to Palace fans, Tony Collins’ appearances for the Eagles are only a small part of a fascinating story which saw him … Read More »

I moved to Croydon and married a Chelsea fan, but Leicester City’s written on my heart

Posted on May 23rd, by Sue Harling in Sport. 1 Comment

As Croydon’s Eagles dare but don’t quite succeed, a Foxier football fan confesses her loyalties

The news that Leicester City FC had done the impossible and won the Premier League led me to reflect on my relationship with my home-town club. It fits neatly into four stages. First there are early childhood memories of the Filbert Street floodlights when we were taken to the dentist in nearby Sawday … Read More »

46 reasons to be thankful for Christians in Croydon

Posted on March 21st, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 13 comments

Jonny Rose sings the praises of his fellow believers in Croydon

Every year since 2012, in advance of Lent, a small green booklet entitled 46 Days of Prayer is circulated in Croydon churches which details a few of the ways in which local churches are working together to serve and bless Croydon and its people.

Apparently in London you’re never more than six feet … Read More »

The road to Selhurst Park

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Rossella Scalia takes the long initiatory journey towards Crystal Palace Football Club

I have always liked beginnings as they contain in them a thrilling euphoria for the unknown and the optimism of an outcome. I believe that uncertainty has not to be seen as a time of crisis, but rather as a moulding of time that slowly … Read More »

March in brief

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The big events of last month, on one handy page

Boxpark Croydon designs revealed

After rumours about the trendy Shoreditch retailer became a reality in last month’s news roundup, plans and designs for the site have been announced. The store (pictured above) is promised to provide 200 jobs, and will open in early 2016. It will be built on the land behind the Croydon Visitor Centre … Read More »